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Police Brutality is when the cops are so nice to you and want to make you feel secure by beating up niggers and other minorities to show you how strong big police man is, it first appeared in the ancient era when the Romans beat gladiators because they won't fight to death, however at least the gladiators had a chance against the armored Romans because they had swords an shit, but now you fucking have to face police officers who are coated in cool body armor and are armed with gas grenades, steel armored trucks, and huge shields. Do still think you have a chance? For the most part, police brutality is given permission to happen because when most fucktard, ignorant, country music listening, fast food eating mistakes called Middle America observe a cop cracking open a hand cuffed and secured prisoner's skull with a solid steel night stick, they instantly start making excuses for the cop by saying that this would never have happened if that person didn't get arrested in the first place. Now remember, much like the bullshit being spewed out of the mouth of the genetic defect popularly known as a college liberal, this excuse only remains true until it happens to them.

The video selection below is a tiny fraction of the videos of police beatings and shootings online. Hundreds of them.

Jewtube videos of Law Enforcement's Finest Moments, What Awesome Heroes!


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The pigs have a number of methods they employ to abuse the taxpaying populace while making it seem like an "accident" or attempting to make it appear as if they didn't do it at all. These can include, but are not limited to, the following types:

  • "Accidental Discharge": Be it a snog's Glock or a tazer, pigs will often plead a mysterious "misfire" of their weaponry when 6 rounds "accidently" end up in the back of a fleeing subject, even though their equipment is supposedly checked by professional weaponers. This will usually entail a gun or tazer being accidentally discharged into the hapless victim at close proximity and always in a non-lethal area of the body, such as an arm or leg in the case of a firearm or in the ass in the case of the tazer. For some reason, these accidental discharges only happen when the weapon is pointed at a suspect. Never at a fellow cop, in the cruiser, or at home. Odd. Even more suspicious is how this excuse is rarely, if ever, accepted when it's a civilion crying that it was the gun that shot the person and not them. Yeah, see how stupid it sounds. Even more appaling is that if there is some truth for when it happens to a civilion, they're still held responsable because they handeled the weapon in such a way the led up to the accidental discharge. Interesting.
  • "Phone Book, but Where's the Phone?", : This piece of fun and games takes place in an out of the way area of the cop shop, usually an interrogation room or even an elevator (yes, it's true). There will be a thick phone book, like the Yellow Pages, but no phone in sight. The pigs will maintain that it is provided so that the perp has ready access to lawyers numbers or can look up family members to bail them out, but the real purpose of the book is for the cop to punch the perp through as doing so minimizes the possibility of bruising to minimal/non-existent proportions.
Proper form.
  • "Find the Speed Bumps": Another favorite of sadistic pigs who operate the "Charlie" units (paddy wagon), this piece of work entails taking the perp and hogtying them with wrists and ankled behind their backs. They are then thrown unceremoniously into the back of the paddy wagon unsecured. After smoking the weed they confiscated as "evidence" from the perp, the cops go to the parking lot of a nearby mall (or, alternatively, the bumpiest rural road that they can find) and proceed to drive, at speed, over every speed bump and asphalt anomaly they can possibly find. The result, of course, is that the perp bounces like a pinball all over the back of the wagon, completely unable to use their limbs to protect areas like skulls, teeth and ribs against the non-upholstered metal surfaces that often comprise the back of a paddy wagon. Once your meat has been thoroughly tenderized, the pigs will generally resort to "catch and release" policy, since they generally don't want to explain how you came to so much physical damage in the mere 3 block actual distance to the cop shop, had they not taken their little "detour".

Can also be done in a police cruiser but the tight fit of the back seat will usually cause more extensive injuries like perforated disks that can not be explained away as easily. cops also use this as an excuse for all your bruises when they take you "for a ride" before an interogation. It wasn't the rubber hose or baseball bat, it was all that bouncing around you did in the back of the wagon, during transport, why you have all those bruises and broken bones.

  • Forced seclusion Called the hole when you are in jail or prison but in the case of when you have been arrested and interogation is more than likely to happen or is happening, this is when the cops lock you in a room and forget about you for anywhere between 12 to 100 hours or more.

If you're under arrest and find the cops putting you in a soundproof, concrete room with a toilet and a water fountain - I hope you're good at amusing yourself. Having psychologists on their payroll, cops have learned that the more you are kept from human interaction, even the negative kind like having a cop stick a plunger up your ass, the more willing you become to talk. Usually reserved for the so called, bad assed, nigger with delusions that they are some kind of street soldier. It has been known to be used on little old ladies just because the cop felt they needed to be shown who was in charge. The only time this little game becomes arguably illegal is when they bug the room with camereas and listening devices to record and use as evidence what you might br saying in private when talking to yourself because, yes - even the US Supreme Court can get things right, there is no one to remind you of your rights when you are locked up, all alone. That's why, after a hundred hours or more, you'll suddenly be given a roomie who will want to know "WHAT YOU'RE IN FOR" because this rule doesn't apply to freely had conversations between 2 or more people. For the added lulz, if you ever find yourself in this predicament, you'll find that this room is extremely over lit and either too hot or too cold to make sleeping out a boredom more difficult.

Have a nice day.

For action plan, see: Molotov entertainment

Rodney King

Who needs a reason when you're white

Rodney King was a nigger who got the shit beaten out of him one night by a bunch of cops when he committed the ultimate offense. Failure to yield to officer authority. This is the usual reason for police brutality, and yet everyone acted all surprised. Go figure.

Anyway, while the three (white) pigs pummeled the helpless tool to a miserable whimpering mess, some passing Communist videoed the proceedings, and the subsequent publicity resulted in the outstandingly ironic case of The State vs. Police Brutality. Tremendous lulz resulted as the officers involved explained how they actually acted with great restraint in restricting their baton swings to only his torso, and not shooting King through his nigger skull, as they would have been entitled to under the circumstances. They were duly acquitted by a judge.

Ow, that's my kidney, motherfuckers!


—Rodney King

LA went apeshit, with even the bitter gang rivals, the Bloods and the Crips, setting aside their differences so they could assist their fellow niggers in rampaging through HelLA, setting fire to shit and fucking things up. The police were further rewarded for what the law had confirmed was indeed the righteous beatdown of Rodney King. Every officer in the city was granted an unimpeachable, bona fide excuse to shoot, pistolwhip and generally fuck up as many niggers as he liked for a whole rest of the week.

Lulz flopped back and forth between sides, as the nigger brigades would gain and then lose ground during the spree. Although it looked at one point like King would have the last LOL when he successfully pwned the man in a civil suit, he managed to spend the hundreds of thousands of Jewgolds he won on hookers & blow, and became the same, broke ass nigger he was at the start of all the drama. Fukkin' LOL.

Training on the job.

Other Occurences of Police Brutality

Practice makes perfect

Despite clearly being a lie, some argue that police occasionally beat people other than Non-Whites. According to britfag television, the police force hate community support officers.

People's Reactions

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