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Politically incorrect has two meanings:

  1. Anything that could possibly offend anyone, even if it's true. Pointing out unflattering facts about minority groups is a good way to get self-righteous fucktards on your case. Feminists in particular are notorious for throwing giant hissy fits over simple facts like "women aren't as strong as men" or "women have babies and men don't." The Jews have an entire organization, the Anti-Defamation League, dedicated to yelling at people who say anything about Jews; black people have to make do with Al Sharpton.

And as for $cientology - let's not even go there.

  1. An excuse to be a total fucking asshole. Internet tough guys and racists like to claim that they're being "edgy" and "politically incorrect" when they say stupid bigoted shit, and accuse anyone who calls them out on it of being the "PC Police." Many unfunny comedians whose acts consist entirely of yelling NIGGER NIGGER SPIC NIGGER FAG NIGGER JEW are convinced that the "PC Police" are just after them because they don't have a sense of humor, failing to realize that in order for an audience to appreciate humor, there has to be some there in the first place.

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