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The hole itself. Beware it may look clean, it usual gets fucked around 7 PM though.

The politics forum of deviantART acts like a complete and utter asshole for the site, populated by incredibly clever intestinal bacteria which managed to drag themselves from the colon through strange varieties of dA's stools to come to the lips of the anus where they keenly await a good fuck from the admins and their STD army (the [email protected]). Occasionally a lucky bacteria will manage to jump hold of the massive assfucking dick, and so become a member of the site's ruling aristocracy! This is extremely rare however, considering most bacterias get fucked so hard and for so long they form hemorrhoids, a good example of these poor bacteria are sonicbutterfly, GlassArrowz, AvSkyggene and Eman333. They have little chance of escaping naturally, the most likely end for them is being cut of with surgical tools unfortunately. Amongst the poor bacteria, there lies the occasional virus who are bacteria feeling they are so great at pleasing the massive assfucking dick, that they inflate their ego to think they have almost troll like intelligence, of course they always get shot down when a real troll comes along - an event which involves rapid buttsecks which leaves the poor virus all butthurt and demoted to a lowly bacteria. Famous viruses include scythepuppet, bagshotrow and the newest and most butthurt poor Nerofly!

Classifying politics microbes!

If they tick at least three in either category they should be politics whores!

How to recognize a politics bacterium...

How to recognize a politics virus...

Attitudes to trolling

Trolling is a common occurrence in the politics forum. Many types of them live there, considering the trolls natural attraction to fecal matter and easy targets. Every few threads a troll will get involved with a false opinion either far right or left wing or just plain stupid, this will then be argued with by the normal bacteria/viruses. Most often bacterias will win and will gain an ego boost, however the troll will then reveal itself, deflating the bacteria, but allowing the viruses to gloat "failtroll fails" in unison, giving them a ego booooooooost.

Of course, a troll can choose to not reveal himself, still beat down the bacteria, but then move onto the viruses, whom it may beat. If a virus is beaten, the troll will automatically rape them on all other threads in the butt (buttsecks) before leaving for another target.

Of course, if a troll is known their posts are easily recognisable and so they are a failtroll

The [email protected]

The power hungry whoremins of the forums seem particularly attracted to the oh so Jewish threads, like Nazis to an-opportunity-to-kill-some-Jews! Also known as the [email protected], the MNopausals, or even their satirical name [email protected] - commonly used to offend them - they strike fear and fascism into the hearts of many with their evil :lock:whips.

They are the renowned backbone of the Feminazi Chix0r's plan to conquer the whole of devianTART starting with her homeland the forums. Their job to enforce her iron law to lock all threads which even hint at causing some controversy, as well as being informers to their dominatrix web-queen at all times, reporting troublesome TARTlets to those other whoring ban-mistresses under Chix0r's giant lesbian thumb.

They continue their Nazi regime to this day forth, however, there are rumours concerning a rebellion to reinstate blessed King $lolly to his rightful thrown, and depose the evil Chix0r.

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