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Vancouver 24h Strike Poll

August 15, 2007: POLL'S CLOSED
The closure that was OVER 9000!!!!

The Poll Itself

Some Anon came by a local news site featuring a poll about a strike in Vancouver, and regardless of the content Anonymous felt that it was his duty to vote for the right thing. Due to retarded web coding the poll was easily to be set in Anon's favor. After a glorious victory, with more than 20000 votes for Pools closed, the maintainer of the poll baleeted it and made a new one, thereby resetting all votes to 0. This did not stop Anonymous who quickly regained 100% of the poll.


Being owned so hard, the paper decided to not print the results of the poll. Of course anything Anonymous does has to be seen as a hacking attempt and so Vancouver 24h responded the next day with a new poll, full of retarded options to make the site look rad. Anon soon began voting for "RAM them", because it shows how little they know about computers. Once again they laid waste on the poll to show them their master.


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