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Pony Island is a running and jumping game developed by the good people at Satantech Inc. that even comes with its own OS.


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Theodore - The protagonist. In 1252, during the crusades, he decided to help fight the ISlamic IncurSion but died at Jerusalem's wall at the hands of a guy named Abu Al-Kindi. Despite dying for his faith, his soul was damned anyway and he was sent to Freddy Fazbear's to play Pony Island forever.

h0peles$0ul - The guy that helps you beat Satan.

1U©iF#r - The original brony. He created Pony Island but got butthurt because no-one said they liked his game, so he coerces people into giving him their souls.

Louey - Pony Island's mascot.

Baphomet - The demonic oracle that lets you find out who you are.

The Daemons

Azazel.exe - Goat Lord who uses his own mouse to fuck with you.

Beezlebub.exe -

Asmodeus.exe - Will make you play a game with him where if you look away or answer his questions wrong, you lose. Should be simple enough, right? Wrong. Because he'll hack your friend's Steam and your Facebook; and fake-crash the game.

Buer.exe - Was originally supposed to guard the third CORE_FILE but was usurped by Asmodeus.


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