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Here Be Bitches!

The PonylandCatfights forum is full of the foul-mouthed of Ponyland. Reduced to sugar-coated and nicey-nice play at the other boards, they take time away from the rainbow-shitting community to piss on a few parades. Much hated and somewhat undigested, the Catfights is a forum for slinging mud, even when the target has no idea it exists.

Where the kid-gloves of the My Little Pony collectors' community come off and they let it all hang out.

Not Always Roses

swear like a sailor and say what you want without getting spanked or banninated



Discussions include:

  • Who pisses you off inside and outside of the pony community.
  • Loads of infighting amongst members.
  • More than one ever cared to know about their sex lives.
  • Delightful MSPaint ponyporn.
  • Who's scamming who.
  • Political and religious debates.
  • Idiots that love God (and bondage)
  • Updates on their brats.
  • Updates on their addictions / illnesses / faggotry.
  • Performing oral cyber sex on DemonicSymphony.
  • Kissing Wart's ass.

It's important when starting a rant that you have a specific target in mind. Passive aggressiveness is allowed, but frowned upon. The members of the Catfights board take great pride in the ability to speak openly and honestly, even when it's mean, about people without the guise of fake IDs. The quickest way to being banned, in a place where banning is minimal, is to make up a faux ID and not let on who you really are. If the Catfights had a slogan, it'd probably be: it's better to be a bitch, and let it be known, than to be a bitch in hiding.

Sexual innuendos and mature talk is a major part of the forum. Foul language and things you wouldn't say to your grandmother are the norm. In fact, your grandmother might die, if she heard the talk that sometimes transpires. Dildo gifts are not uncommon.

Floating dildos have been spotted and are proudly displayed in colour.

They are Everywhere!

Who Resides at the Ponyland Catfights Forum

  • A lot of sandy vaginas.
  • A lot of pony savvy women
  • Members banned from other MLP boards.
  • Drama Whores / Attention Whores.
  • Cuntiest members of the My Little Pony fandom.
  • Obnoxious pictures of the latest CF crotchdroppings.
  • Bitches accusing people of being "Scammers" with no proof.
  • Members of PI who suck VeeZ's E-dick.
  • Occasional trolls who fail harder than the admin. Barely.
  • Smarter-than-you bitches who think they have the power to sniff out any troll.
  • Dumb cunts with psychological orders including (but not limited to):

Anorexia / bulemia Ass-burgers FibromyWAAAHHHHgia Cutting / burning/ other attention-seeking self mutilation

History of the Ponyland Catfights

The Catfights was created as a forum to take the drama away from the boards that were supposed to be just about ponies. This only makes sense until you witness the mountain of personal drama in the "What's Your Problem" forum at the My Little Pony Arena. However, personal attacks on members are reserved only to the Catfights Board. Want to tell that chick that she's a dumb whore, and her boyfriend is screwing the neighbor? Tell her at the Catfights board. Want to pick on that chick or guy who seems to be a little off? Do it at the Catfights board. Want to say things that you don't have the balls to say to someone's face? Do it at the Catfights board! Just don't expect her/them to answer you unless you email a link. The Ponyland Catfights are a big secret in ponyland, even though the admins from more reputable forums, such as Loa, frequent the boards.

From its own F.A.Q.

"This forum is designed with the Adult Collector in mind. This is the place to bring discussions that can not be continued in rated pg-13 or rated g forums, like mlparena and mlptp, etc. This is an uncensored forum and there are adult topics discussed on this forum besides My Little Pony. If you feel that you are mature enough to handle the responses from our members feel free to join. We encourage all of our members to voice their opinion and hope that you will too once you register.

If you do not feel that you can conduct yourself with a level head while being flamed by our members please do not join."

That board is almost physically painful to read.


—[classic] @ Pyoko

Searchable Drama

The members of this forum gather more haters than a New Kids on the Block reunion tour.

As many people as you'll find at the Catfights board talking shit, you will find lurkers reading the shit, fapping away at the content, storing it up until the time is right to blow it all over LJ and other sources of lulz. Never mind that they input as much time and effort into the community as it's members, their self importance doesn't allow them to see their fucktarded ways. You'll know who they are by the obvious lack of a spine in places where they may be "found out" and instead choose to lurk and post anonymously. They find greater joy in watching the Catfights Harpies guess who they are, and often taunt them. Great Drama can be found in the My Little Pony community. The anger and frustration that stems from these boards would be lost without Catfights.

The haters are typically former subjects of Catfights who are brought to light and then banned from the communities rainbow-shitting boards. Frustrated at their removal from the one place they could talk about their latest abusive boyfriend, or imaginary child's diseases they lash out and become quite the stuff lulz are made of.

Gather your favorite stuffed animals, and a box of tissues, theres no end to the entertainment on the Catfights, from it's members to it's lurkers it's a win all around for anyone that loves a train wreck.

I don't think the purpose of many of the comments and threads there is to encourage meaningful and colorful adult discussion about issues but it is a non publicized (as in the link can not be posted her or on the tp) forum to belittle people who don't post there or even know it exists. I do not mean all comments and threads there are like that but quite a few are.



Fandom Secret

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Hah, I once trolled Ponyland Catfights, but....I tired of trying to think of good wit. Sigh. I think my name was pancake.



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