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Fanboys are often dominated by popular belief.

Popular belief is where pseudo-solipsism and a complete lack of historical and general knowledge clash together to spawn a mindless atrocity that is already a big wheel in modern civilization's degenerating media-machine. "Popular belief" can be easily defined as every fact that has been thoughtlessly copied from the sensational media by 16 year old girls, and generally by a lot of brainless fucks. You'd be surprised by how much bullshit you're constantly lured into.

Examples of popular belief

Be warned: it's NOT true: quite the contrary actually.

A class on its own

People who believe all this nonsense are also those who keep bothering you with their blunt and obtuse opinions on whatever matter it is they have absolutely no expertise in. Sadly, if you'd just take a look around your direct social environment, you'll find numerous people qualifying these criteria, hell, you're probably one of them, you vacuous shit. I can already hear the mindless winds shrieking through your skull; just GTFO already nigger!

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