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Tracey Quin Perez
Kristina Rose .jpg
Gender Female
Alias Kristina Rose
Birth date April 14, 1984
Ethnicity Beaner
Height 5' 1

Tracey Quin Perez (born on April 14, 1984) is a pornographic whore and hooker.

Porn Videos

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Kristina wearing an Aztec headdress to show support for La Raza's anti-American "Reconquista" scheme. Mark Spiegler looks on in approval
File:IMG 3767.jpg
Mark Spiegler has bigger tits than Kristina
Kristina\'s brother Troy Perez wears textbook douche Ed Hardy shirts and looks as queer as a $3 bill
Kristina worked with the legendary Dirty Harry
Mark Spieglers driver/drug dealer smoking meth with Kristina

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Kristina has bowel problems and a leaky ass and is constantly trying to get it clean in the hopes that Manuel Ferrara will someday marry her butthole


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Family and Friends

Kristina says, “I trust Spiegler more than I trust my own family.\" However, her family is the Mexican equivalent of trailer trash so this isn't really high praise. She is the Spiegler girl most likely to actually touch his genitals. She has a gay brother named Troy Perez.


Kristina is pimped by the disgusting agent Mark Spiegler, a jewish man who has participated in the production of Nazi fetish ("Rocco's Power Slave") and anti-semitic ("Big Titted Jewish Princesses,\" \"Nice Jewish Girls") porn projects. ..


Kristina thinks she's cute and is very annoying. She walks around with a camera in her hands and is constantly pursing her lips and posing for the camera and then tweeting the pictures to her supposed fans...She is one of the only people on the planet that is willing to suck Mark Spiegler's alleged penis and she does often so that he will try to book her for more jobs sucking duck and taking it in the ass...She thinks she is a celebrity...Has an affinity for wearing big glasses while making herself look retarded and unattractive. ..She is not particularly attractive in general, and has a rather overrated fat ass...There are rumors that Kristina is an anchor baby whose illegal mother plopped her out on US soil to mooch off US taxpayers. She grew up in San Diego. She dropped out of high school (probably Murrieta Valley High School), but continued her education at "make-up school."..

Pornography career


Forum Activity/Twitter

Often communicates with Johnathan Schaeffer on Twitter and possibly other sites. Rode with Bono in Mark Spiegler's limousine in 2009 in Las Vegas. Possibly gives Bono a discounted hourly rate for her services in exchange for favorable reviews written by Bono...

Banned For Life From Venetian Hotel

"Kristina Rose admits that this year she is staying at the Venetian under an assumed name after hotel security had her arrested last year (2010) and banned her from the property for life ... 'basically I did something stupid and brought my boyfriend at the time to AVN. We got drunk and we got in a fight and I kicked his ass. The Venetian was not pleased.'"..

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