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Porn Wiki Leaks is was a wiki which revealed real names and dox for porn stars, which it is posting because gay-for-pay crossover performers ruined porn by spreading the AIDS. Other than that, everything in porn is great.

Keeping up with every porn star's real name and HIV status is hard work; to save time, they have copied pages from Wikileaks and Encyclopedia Dramatica and then don't update them to fit their site. (Congratulations to ED's own Dr. Interlulz Lolsuiter, Ph.D, your work was used in Porn Wikileaks![1]

In keeping with their policy of openness and transparency, members of the site's forum all use pseudonyms.

In July, 2011, the owners redirected the domain and took the site down.

As of February 7, 2013 pornwikileaks is back online to stay.

New Mission

As of February 7, 2013 is back online and claiming to be back to stay. They say they are going to leak every porn stars drivers license, Social Security card, and passport due to the gay mafia still bullying straights in porn and causing condom laws from the spreading of HIV. PWL has created a straight porn star army that is going after every butt sex having faggot man ass eater in porn.


Porn Wiki Leaks (PWL) hates faggots. And they love doxing people's families. And they aren't too found of jews [2] or blacks.[3] Basically they dox everybody in porn and like to point out the fags, jews, and niggers. Somewhat ironically, they obtained their dox from the AIM Health Care Foundation, which tests porn stars for STDS. As a result of the dox leak, AIM Health Care was crippled by lawsuits and now porn stars have no where to go to get tested for AIDS. PWL accidentally the porn industry.

Donny Long Has Nothing To Do With Porn Wiki Leaks, Why Do People Keep Saying I'm Running Porn Wiki Leaks

Honestly, what self-respecting porn star would dress like *that*?
Donny Long is the last hetero man willing to stand up the Gay Mafia that has destroyed porn other than the crew of Porn Wiki Leaks. He is retired in the porn business in California because he sold his business but still tells the truth about the untested gay crossovers destroying straight porn as we know it. Donny Long has been accused of being behind but that is false.


—Not Donny Long, That Is False

According to the PornWikileaks article about Donny Long, the site was NOT started by Long. Coincidentally, Long's article is different from every other porn star article on the site, in that it doesn't mention his real name (Donald Carlos Seoane) or call him "a pornographic whore, and Hooker," even though he had sex with other people for money. According to the site's numerous deleted Twitter accounts, the site was really started by Mark Spiegler, a porn agent whose Porn Wikileaks article posts his cell phone number and states "Mark was born with no balls and no scrotum." However, Archive today-ico.png Gawker, Salon, The Daily Beast, and Newser all seem to think Donald Carlos Seoane = Donny Long = Porn Wiki Leaks. But that's because Mark Spiegler is behind that. Somehow.

Donald Carlos Seoane—aka Donny Long. Seone is a failed porn actor and director


Archive today-ico.png Gawker

His name, they say, is Donald Carlos Seoane, a.k.a. Donny Long, a washed-up former porn actor and director


The Daily Beast




Top Notch Security

Their wiki has one administrator [4], who's often not there, and they keep their wiki's main page [5] unlocked, either for lulz or because of stupidity.

Quality Content

Taking down Porn Wiki Leaks [6], as you might expect, is something that is quite easy to do. By the time you're done reading this article, hopefully you'll have a better feel for the many ways to do this. It would appear that the majority of these attempts originate on YouTube or within the many druged out hookers in the adult industry. This is likely because vloggers most of them are scum. Their fans keep telling them how great everything they do is, and as a result they have a bad case of runaway self-esteem


Enemies Of The Truth

The porn industry, riddled by gay faggot AIDS buttsex-having faggots, have established, which has Donny Long's real name (Donald Carlos Seoane), his criminal record, and videos featuring his poor personal hygiene.

Twitter also bans their numerous accounts, because Twitter is also run by gay faggots who have a problem with Porn Wikileaks slandering and threatening people, because they're faggots.

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