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Hello friends, if you are thinking about writing an article on something related to deviantART? Then this is the guide for you. The main issue of the deviantART Portal is that most of the articles are just complaining about the user tracing. Another concern is that the articles are poorly written, used as a personal attack or just lacks drama in general. ED is here to make the reader laugh as it explains the drama and e-significance of the subject; it is not used as your personal army.

Questions you should ask yourself

Made a shitty article? This button will fix it.
  • Is this person and his/her actions known and recognized by a number of people on deviantART besides you and your friends?
  • Is the main concern of the subject more than tracing?
  • Do you have enough screen caps? Screen caps are key!
  • Anything controversial about the subject?

Good Examples

Nobody wants to read about some guy that offended you and you only. Nobody wants to read about someone who just traces. Take the following articles below as examples. They are concerned with far more than tracing bullshit.

Articles about deviants that are really well known and usually gets front paged art
Well known among communities like the complaints forum
Known among a large group

Think your article is good enough now?

Awesome! So you have a good subject at hand, huh? Now you must consider the structure of your article.


Now here’s something to remember; think smart not hard. Too much content is not a good thing. It’s not keeping it small, it’s keeping it simple. Compare Teruchan with Chasethehedgehog. Look at their Table of Contents. Notice anything? Chase’s TOC is huge; those sections should be merged into something simpler for the reader. Teruchan’s article has fewer sections, yet they have just as much information.

Bad Example Good Example
  • A long introduction with more than three paragraphs
  • A million sections and subsections. There's no better explanation that that.
  • See Also, usually this is okay
  • External Links with too many links; most of them being links to screenshots
  • Basic Introduction, a simple outline of the subject’s retardation and actions
  • Background, explaining the personality and art style. Throw in some fandom in there as well.
  • The main chunk of the article. Usually contains multiple sections
  • Quotes, a collection of their ramblings
  • Gallery, screen caps are KEY
  • See Also, just related articles
  • External links, in case the reader wants to talk to/troll the subject


Hate art enhances the lulz.

X (moar like [SHITTY JOKE HERE]) is an internet tough guy with OVER 9000 [another shitty joke]. H e will constantly Y to the admins. But that’s because they’re ignorant u guiz!


—The bad example.

X is perhaps the saddest example of [whatever]. This has been done by her many actions of [drama shit here] and her whining of [some other shit].


—The good example.

No, your article shouldn’t follow the exact structure. Basically, you shouldn’t abuse memes when you’re writing. They’re funny sometimes, but overusing them will just make your article unreadable. Moreover, stating facts is funnier than you trying too hard to make a joke using memes.


  • {{clear}} is very effective in keeping your article clean.
  • {{morphquote}} is used for collections of quotes.
  • {{cg}} is for galleries with ten or more images.
  • {{da}} is used to link to the deviantART portal.

Other Notes

  • Don't put too many thumbnails. Users with different screen resolutions will see shit differently.
  • Make a draft of your article on your userspace. Create it as User:YOURNAME/ARTICLE NAME, then ask for tips on how to fix it and a sysop will approve it

Further Reading

There are more guides on making good articles albeit tl;dr. Despite that, giving these guides a quick glance will be worthwhile.

Thanks, your deviantART portal caretaker, Halcy.

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