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July 2014

Featured Faggotry - Sparx Traxx

Sparx Traxx, aka Bass Husky, Nexus² Fennec, “Christine,” or Chris Dawson (born January 1st, 1995), and referred to as "the monstrosity" by those unfortunate enough to encounter him IRL, seems like your average fur faggot that you’d see on the internet at first glance, occasionally participating in rants against the furry fandom, posting furry art, and sharing the typical yiffy goodies. But once one gets deeper and deeper into this thing’s personal and social life, you’ll start to see that he's quite possibly one of the most disgraceful pieces of human scum anyone could ever be.

Sparx is a Canadian reject from Toronto, Ontario who's currently fagging up El Paso, Texas. The tranny whore would prefer you call him “Christine” instead of “Chris,” but nobody's buying into that shit. He's created two fursonas for himself that go by the names of Sparx and Nexus². This misguided furnig attempts to pass both of his characters off as being completely original, as if the cult of furfaggotry doesn't have enough Siberian Husky and fox fursonas in it already. He's widely known in the fandom for being a slutty murrsuiter, failed DJ and lighting designer, shitty photographer, terrible fursuit maker, and most recently he's announced that he's a hermaphrodite, though no one's falling for it.


December 2013

Featured Faggotry - Honest Abe

Honest Abe (Powerword: Caylen Matthew Burroughs) is a Men's Rights Activist and Something Awful moderator. He's willing to do anything in an attempt to be desired by the ladies at Star Trek conventions, even if that means making a deal with the devil. In a way he did, he's friends with Aatrek (Powerword: Aaron Patrick Nadler]]), a disgraced moderator.


June 2013

Featured Faggotry - Pegging

Pegging is a form of anal sex where instead of the man sticking his penis up the woman's ass, the woman sticks her penis up the man's ass, inevitably resulting in santorum with joy the next day. It is clinically proven that love of pegging leads to a love of Futa and Dickgirls, which are gay. So yeah, if you've even gotten off to pegging, you're gay.