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Featured Article - Nads6969
A disgusting mutt and a husky.
True shartistry at its finest.

Nads6969, otherwise known as Nadia Stepputat is a 37 year old slimy, greedy cunt of a shartist with nothing to live for other than ripping off Over 9000 of other DevianTART users' works and plastering her shitty "OCs" all over them. She lives in her dusty, cobweb filled basement in Canada, spending most of her time shitting out piss poor attempts at art when she should be looking after her kid who will likely end up being harassed once their classmates find out about their mothers' antics. Anyone who calls her out on her bullshit is automatically BAWLOCKED from the hideous dumpster fire that she calls a page because "she's totally the fucking victim". If you want to easily throw her into raeg mode, just spam her page by calling out her obvious shitty tracing (Note: she is prime for trolling so please proceed accordingly).

Every single piece of shit in her gallery is either stolen or ripped off from someone else since Nads can't draw worth shit. Her style is constantly changing because she can't create her own and relies on tracing literally everything. But she claims she's allowed to take whatever she wants because she's a depressed cunt. When Nads (or aka. The Penis Queen) isn't busy sitting on her fat ass all day stealing art from Pixiv and DracheaRannak, she is probably screaming like an entitled little cunt about how she's a "depressed victim with the whole world hurting her precious feelings".