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Post ending in (#) gets to name my (x) (where (#) is the post number and (x) is a anything from OP's penis to their newborn /b/tarded baby) is an unfunny meme 'game' played over 9,000 times a day by newfags and is part of The Cancer That Is Killing /b/.

It used to be such a virulent strain of The Cancer that for many months, if you opened up each and every of the 10 pages of /b/ threads currently in rotation in different tabs, you would have found at least one post ending in (#) gets to name my (x). Thankfully due to bannage this is no longer the case.

The Play

It goes something like this: A the OP posts a message stating that "the first reply with a post number ending in 34" will become the OP's new name. Soon thereafter, a few hundred replies flood the thread, and post 29183034 so happens to consist of the single word "nigger". At this point, it is implied that the OP has gone off to the local registrar office to legally change his name to "Nigger." Laughs are had.

As of 12/29/07, it is now a bannable offence.



The Banning

Moot and his admins have configured 4chan to auto-ban (for three days) anyone who posts the text string "Thread ending in". Even in a completely neutral context, the relentless autobanning software hands out its punishments, like an always-active robotic chemo machine. Hallelujah, my /b/rothers.

This cancer now has migrated to Tinychan where it actually improves the post quality there.

Getting around the masking of post numbers

In a feeble attempt to combat "post ending in" threads, 4chan has censored the last three numbers of all /b/ posts, like 123456XXX. Most people get around this by mouseovering each individual post number. However, that's hella gay. To uncensor the post numbers, just do this:

  1. Open your web browser's javascript console (Firefox users get Firebug. IE6 users go eat a bag of dicks)
  2. Paste this code in there:
    var quoteJSarray = document.getElementsByClassName('quotejs');
    for (var i = 0; i < quoteJSarray.length; i++) {
    	if (i % 2 == 1) {
    		var checkEm = quoteJSarray[i].href.match(/\d{2,}(?=['])/ig);
    		if (!checkEm) {
    			var checkEm = quoteJSarray[i].href.match(/\d{2,}$/ig);
    		document.getElementsByClassName('quotejs')[i].innerHTML = checkEm;
  3. If you have Firefox with the GreaseMonkey extension, you can do this automatically on every page load (set the "included pages" to "*")
  4. See all post numbers uncensored
  5. Participate in a "post ending in" thread
  6. Search for dubs all over /b/
  7. Die a virgin
  8.  ???

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