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Postvixen (on right) with Waterotter
Peganthryus, the only cute postfurry Butterface

Postvixen (AKA Hannah Kincaid, Li'l Nicky) made up postfurry in the late 1990s or thereabouts, because regular old furry and rubber/leather fetish outfits just weren't close enough together for his taste.

With his sidekick and attack dog Postrodent (AKA Rikal or Ratboy) at his side, he has since devoted the major part of his on-line existence to being a shameless attention whore, speaking out in favor of shameless self-indulgence, and badly misinterpreting the phrase "flaming gay."

Somehow Postvixen attracted the romantic attention of the gender-bemused furry artist Peganthyrus, whose artwork has since taken a dramatic shift towards sex and latex.

Postvixen has a tremendous vendetta against LJDrama and atrocity tourism in general. To that end he created numerous LiveJournals to "counter-troll" the trolls, but mostly managed to spew more wordy piffle.

His current general-purpose journal, circuit_four (renamed from apanthropomorph), was friends only for a long long time, but eventually -- inevitably -- he gave in to his ego's demands for public self-humiliation. He also keeps popping up in other journals and communities flailing about and demanding attention.

Modus operandi

The first and foremost goal of a Postvixen Livejournal post above all else is to win approval and metaphysical fellatio from hir extensive Friends list; this is done by espousing ostensibly "witty" and "amusing" opinions, not by making those indolent postfurries actually think, for God's sake. Real insight squanders valuable time which could be better employed swapping fluids and/or long-chain organic molecules with sentient standard lamps on PuzzleBox.

Shi's marvelous, somehow, in hir pointless verbosity and insularity. It's like watching a marital aid designed by the bastard offspring of Sigmund Freud and Rube Goldberg, complete with a pump to inflate its ego.


Mitch, on Postvixen

Flame wars and other fun times

Postvixen is a fine specimen both of furry verbosity and of furry painful earnestness, as seen for example below:

Known LiveJournals

Collect 'em all, just like Pokemon!

Postvixen's usual response when someone unearths one of his 27 journals is to act unimpressed and pretend he wasn't trying to hide them in the first place.

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