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Im 18, do i have exploitable??

Im 18, do i have potential?? was the title of a thread posted to the forum on October 30th, 2005. The OP was an 18 year old going by the username of badboy2 (Marcus Graham) and to accompany the thread's title/question they attached a lulzy picture. The general consensus of the walnut-cocked juicemonkey forumers was that he looked like a serial killer; so they proceeded to photoshop said picture for the best part of a decade. Some argue that this has turned into one of the most epic threads born of the internet to date.[citation needed]

Im 18, do i have parody??

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As it turns out, this Sydney-based serial killer did have potential. As early as last Thursday, badboy's guido powers activated sending him into the throws of guido-puberty, granting such gifts as a new haircut and a 10" cock. Little more than two years later, Graham could be seen banging the hot poon and flexing his highly ripped guidobody in various locker rooms with other homosexuals.

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