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Since about 100 years God made animals that we can keep as pets, and watch to beat the shit out of each other, for amusement. But when a generated chemical virus was created by Satan to wipe out God, it backfired and created one measly thing.


Past characters

Cooler : The main leader, and is number 4 in Cartoon Network's Top 10 Hunkiest Canines. He's rich, lazy, lives fast so he can die young. Yet he laughs like Eddie Murphy.

Howler : The nigger in the Pound Puppies, he make Dane Cook-like jokes, listens to Skrillex, and butt sex with Daisy Duck just to raise power.

Bright Eyes : She's a hawt dog, with big titties and a nice ass. Nuff' Said.

Nose Marie : She's that hot chick with the huge titties Howler had sex with last summer. Does this article make her ass look big? Yes. Her ass is huge.

Whopper : The baby of the Pound Puppies, he eats Doritos and Burger King. Now suffering diabetes.

They all have adventures around New York trying to find dog prostitutes pimps that will let them work for money.

Current Pound Puppies

Unfortunately, the show was so good, the made a follow-up remake to it.


Leonard McLeish : The man who owns the shelter. He's a fag.

Lucky "MAH BO STAFF! Smarts: The leader of the Pound Puppies, and is a smartass. He spends his time reading books, and blowing up shit or fighting niggers with his bo-staff.

Cookie: The tough but sweet nigger-talking she-hound who Lucky secretly has a crush on. It was rumored that she has been named after a porn star in her human family--she looks of one though, thanks to the bow on her head.

Nibblet: The retarded one in the Pound Puppies, he's big, and likes to have buttsecks with any girl he pleases.

Squirt: This guy knows everything in the city. He's alright

Strudel: The haxxor of the Pound Puppies. She knows science, math, and the internets. She has D-cup boobies and has squirrels do help.

Olaf: ...... He's a fat man. And also the dog roundup guy....... But..... Fuck this, I'm gonna go play Mario Kart.

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