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Pranknet, also known as Prank-U or Prank University, was a Canadian-based anonymous prank calling virtual community responsible for causing too much butthurt to US fast food chains and hotels. It was founded by a guy known as "Dex". The group has been linked to nearly 60 lulzy incidents of pranks and harassment. The group disappeared after heavy media and FBI investigation, some members of the group were arrested or doxed.


Pranknet used Skype for its operations since it allowed anonymous calling at the time; later, they used Paltalk. The members of Pranknet met in a Beyluxe Messenger chat room. In this room they brainstormed shit and then one of them called and recorded the victim while the rest listen in. They also made use of street cams or infiltrated recorders to record the events and then uploaded them to Jewtube. They also made a couple of DDoS attacks against Paltalk once the company decided to ban Pranknet from its servers.

Notable Pranks and Trolling

  • KFC Prank: Dex phoned a KFC and convinced employees to douse the building with fire suppression chemicals and to then go outside the building and strip. He claimed the chemicals were caustic and this would render them inert. With this he persuaded 3 female employees to pee on each other. A few months later, Dex posing as an insurance adjuster called the same KFC and had the victims describe their experiences while Pranknet members listened.
  • TV out Prank: Dex and another Pranknet user called DTA_Mike phoned 2 guests from a hotel and convinced them that there was a ruptured gas line and that they must break a window and throw the TV out.
  • Hampton Inn Prank: Dex pranked call a Hampton Inn employee and told him to set up fire alarm and not phone firemen and instructed him to turn off the alarm that he claimed to be inside pornography shoot. After that, they convinced another guy that to stop the fire he had to crash his semi-trailer truck onto the Hampton Inns front door.
  • Deadly Spider attack Prank: In July 2009 they prank called a few hotel guests saying that a deadly spider plague was approaching their rooms and to avoid it they must break the window with the lid of the toilet tank.
  • Homewood Suites Prank: Pranknet phoned a guest and told him that the front desk had been exposed to Hepatitis C and that, to detect if he also had contracted the illness, he had to do a urine test which consisted of peeing into a drinking glass, once the pee was obtained they pranked the front desk by convincing him to try the new drink which was contained in the glass.
  • Phone and Computer Hijacking: Dex managed to hijack some phone numbers and forward them to his Skype account, then he acted as he was a representative of some important company. He also managed to install a RAT on some hotel computers and then posed as corporate supervisor.
  • Craiglist Trolling: They created plenty of fake offers. Also, a 12-year old girl called about a free trampoline, and "Dex" told her not to get pregnant by a black man because "they have AIDS".
  • Elizabeth Moreau Prank: They managed to convince an ESPN reporter to break windows and mirrors in his hotel room and then Dex phoned the front desk saying that he was Elizabeth's boyfriend and that all the damages were because of their frequent fighting. The prankers also phoned local Police to go after Elizabeth.

Members of Pranknet revealed

  • Tariq Malik (known as Dex)
  • Kunwon1
  • James Tyler Markle (pedo)
  • Shawn Powel
  • LeeAnn Jordan
  • Jericho Batsford (similar to Sabu)

Pranknet Facts

  • Pranknet will be remembered to be the only canadadianfag group which was cool.
  • Pranknet chat rooms used to have 50-200 users at a time.
  • Their main prank purposes were to make people break windows and set up fire alarms.

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