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Jump to navigation Jump to search best known for it's name. Was made as a safe way for kids to share personal information, such, as Address, Phonez and a lot more, even though it doesn't allow Pasting. Preteenchat, was made back in the 90s(Have u seen their CSS and Coding.. hor-i-ble) so, regular teens could interract. But, it's a experiment gone wrong, as it's filed with 30+ pedos, Hunting for 13 year old boys while pretending to be 12 year old girls(And the other way around). To make your "conversation" more enjoyable, some pedos go deep into their Innerloli, to, pretend that they're 10, while on the Younger Teen chat, which, is 12 and up.

The Chats

7-12 year old chat: Yes, there is a chat for kids as young as seven fucking years old, a phrase I would emphasize the word "fucking" in, inasmuch as every person in there wants to fuck the seven-year-olds. Of course, there is this little caveat: "Kids, please call your parents over to the computer now to help you register so you can begin chatting! Note to parents: You will be required to fax a signed document to WiredReality in order for your child to begin chatting. Once the document is faxed, you will recieve an email from us within a few days with your child's nickname and password so he/she can logon and begin chatting!"

Because documents such as that cannot be falsified, this chat has no pedos in it? Right? Bull Shit!! A Good pedo; which is every pedo, would go through all this to get themselves a Fresh Child.

13-15 year old chats: Because it's easier to access this chat (click a button and enter in a nickname), there are moar pedos here. Which makes it fertile grounds for trolling.

The ratio of men above the age of 21 to girls below the age of 16 is roughly 10:0.

It's a nice little chat, if you're into bots, old men, and flooded conversations.

15-19 year old chat: Who the fuck cares?

A troll is fine too

Because there are no pre-teens on, it's a wonderful place to troll. For example:

<Skins_fan> hi asl
<XxRyan93xX> 14mPA
<Skins_fan>  21m 
<Skins_fan>  is that ok
<XxRyan93xX> thats fine
<Skins_fan>  u got pics or cam
<XxRyan93xX> no sry
<Skins_fan>  u got phone
<XxRyan93xX> no lets chat online a bit more first
<Skins_fan>  do u know why i wanna call u
<XxRyan93xX> why
<Skins_fan>  guess
<XxRyan93xX> lol sex?
<Skins_fan>  yeah
<XxRyan93xX> lets just chat online more first
<XxRyan93xX> there's over 9,000 things to chat about, so let's just talk
<Skins_fan>  ok

<XxRyan93xX> signed back on at this point)

<XxRyan93xX> ok there
<XxRyan93xX> neway what did you ask
<Skins_fan>  i asked if u shaved yet
<XxRyan93xX> no
<Skins_fan>  u got any hair
<XxRyan93xX> only a little bit down there if thats what u mean lol
<Skins_fan>  wat color is it
<XxRyan93xX> im white.......
<Skins_fan> u got any under ur arm
<XxRyan93xX> only a little
<Skins_fan> i mean the hair
<XxRyan93xX> oh lol brown
<Skins_fan>  how big r u
<XxRyan93xX> hard???
<XxRyan93xX> lol youre such a cockmongler
<XxRyan93xX> jk
<Skins_fan>  yea
<XxRyan93xX> 4"
<Skins_fan>  wats a cockmongler
<XxRyan93xX> lol nvrmnd you just want my cock
<Skins_fan>  yea
<Skins_fan>  can i
<XxRyan93xX> ask me moar questions first so i get horny
<Skins_fan>  how long it take u to cum
<XxRyan93xX> it depends...usually not very long lol
<Skins_fan>  wat r u wearin
<XxRyan93xX> t-shirt and bikini brief
<Skins_fan>  u ever jerked off with another boy
<Skins_fan>  u gettin hard
<XxRyan93xX> yeah but it was kinda weird and he didnt get me off and i kept telling him -- you are doing it wrong!! -- but it just wasnt working so idk
<XxRyan93xX> ive been hard lol
<Skins_fan>  wat was he doin
<Skins_fan>  me 2
<Skins_fan> ask me stuff
<XxRyan93xX> idk he was stroking me but it wasnt very good
<Skins_fan>  how old was he
<XxRyan93xX> i got him off so i didnt think it was very fair lol
<XxRyan93xX> my age
<Skins_fan>  ask me stuff
<XxRyan93xX> what kind of underwear do you liek to wear?
<Skins_fan>  i wear boxers
<Skins_fan>  boxer briefs when i work out
<Skins_fan>  what else
<XxRyan93xX> oh, thats cool, i wear briefs and bikini briefs
<XxRyan93xX> i even have some underoos that i wear to be funny lol
<XxRyan93xX> idk if you know anything about pokemon
<XxRyan93xX> but i have these underoos with mudkipz on them that i liek
<XxRyan93xX> lol idk im weird
<XxRyan93xX> sry bad spelling
<Skins_fan> ok

And then the little bastard signed off the fucking server.

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