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Preytor as she appears on the Character-selection screen

Preytor(aka Gheytor,Praytour, or Huge Fucking Bug is a totally kickass monster from the World's Greatest Game of all Time:War of the Monsters for GayStation2. It is also one of the only two monsters who are actually worth two shits, due to its incredible "speed" during combo attacks(the other being Hobo-47) as the other monsters will get knocked the fuck out trying to preform these attacks because it takes them at least 100 years for them to finish.


Preytor has two blood-stained,flesh ripping sickles on its arms that are completely fucking pointless becase noone in the game ever bleeds.EVER.They might as well be fists like erryone else hass Amirite? Besides that, it also shits out a leech that sucks vigorously on its opponents.Being a praying mantis, it can also fly, of course.But this is completely useless because each flap of your wings sucks about half of your fucking energy, forcing you to violently tumble down to the other monster which then rape you to death, and you can't do a fucking thing about. You know why? Because you fucking HAD to fly.faggot.


Preytor was created when a super-smart scientist fed a praying mantis some of his special formula. The mantis then went batshit insane and grew like 50 feet tall or some shit.But since the other monsters are supposedly 100 feet tall, she grew more afterwards(IT SAYS SO IN THE FUCKING GAME MANUAL). Oh yeah she ate the scientist too.Since EVERYBODY reads game manuals im sure it goes without saying that Preytor is female


Story Mode/CPU Fighting

Preytor is THE MOST ANNOYING FUCKING MONSTER TO FIGHT AGAINST.EVAR.In CPU and endurance mode,Preytor will troll the shit out of you by shooting green slime balls out of her mouth if you don't fight her right away, and by running away like a pussy when its about to die.Its above mentioned "speed" will make it im-fucking-possible to kill unless your using Robo-47.Any other monster will immediately cause you to rage-quit, especially in the Creeping Chaos level, since theres two fucking monsters to fight.Winning, however, will bring extremely short-lived joy. Jokes about squashing bugs or anything with the word bug or dildo in it are unfunny and the teller should be shot.

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