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Our Arian hero.

Primal War is a series of furry flash animation Powerpoint about a race war. In this propaganda piece we have the “white” gorilla fight the “dark” forces of primitive unevolved dinosaurs who want to move into their land and bring down the property value, raise crime rates and open a liquor store on every corner. It is up to the furrys put a stop to these roodypoos.

Fan Base

Since it is furry and has naked furry tits it has a shit load of views and gets voted up by furrys and there sock puppets to get a High Score. This of course fools no one and the series is allowed to slip into obscurity on Newgrounds while far more deserving submissions get put into the hall of fame. The comments section is full of furrys praising this series for it's "Epic Plot" and "innovative art". No one else seems to comment on how much this series sucks because only furrys watch it, but lo and behold if you do insult the series be prepared to be called a fag a dumb-ass and have your comment removed.

The Author

The person responsible for this crap is Rick Marin, although little is known about him at the moment the fact that he put time and energy into such a shit fest should say a lot.

How to Troll

  • Down vote his Newground submissions.
  • Leave honest and thoughtful comments.
  • Turn all his flash animations into hoods or rick rolls.

After Thoughts

Instead of watching this shit fest just watch The Eternal Jew and pretend that the Jews are the dinosaurs and the furrys are the Aryans, since it is basically the same thing. This can also be done in reverse and you can watch Primal Wars and pretend the dinosaurs are Jews and the Aryans are furrys, but why lower your standards?

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