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Lj-favicon.png prime_radiant AKA Lj-favicon.png inawhile AKA Lj-favicon.png withtraffic AKA Lj-favicon.png deseosydelirios AKA Lj-favicon.png rdolivaw AKA Lj-favicon.png freshtarts is a big nosed wannabe paralegal. She resembles an ugly version of Anne Frank. She spends more time online than Lj-favicon.png Tawneelynne and Lj-favicon.png njyoder combined, although she is just as annoying as them. She is a thoroughly retarded, 6 months overdue, hypocritical, childless drama magnet. She lurks among the rating communities, whoring herself out for attention by accusing various LJers of being snarky, creepy, psychotic, pedophiles, anime freaks, and other naughty no-no words. Her ability to criticize people knows no boundaries, especially the one separating Rationalistan from Retardia. She can be found continually scouring livejournal for anyone who mentions her name. She will respond to your comments within minutes since she has no IRL friends, and never leaves her house.

When she found out that she was pregnant she made post in Lj-favicon.png booju_mooju asking a 'hypothetical' question SUSPENDED LOL about wanting to give her child away to her mother while she goes to school.


We have no idea why the ugly guy she's married to can't raise the child, but for the child's sake we hope that she does give her offspring away.

No Ugly Babies

Prime_radiant is one of the main annoyances in Lj-favicon.png nouglybabies. As a self appointed Baby Guard, she opens a good old can of whoopass on anyone inconsiderate enough to vote NO on any fugly 2 year old's mugshot. Unfortunately for Lj-favicon.png knightanika, she didn't realize that prime_radiant loves all babies, and doesn't believe in choice.

HIII guys! I have a question! Does anybody else find knightanika really
creepy in this community? She has no kids, and she judges everyone 
and always votes NO. Personally, I think somebody's mommy didn't pay
enough attention to her when she was little!

Prime_radiant's rather hypocritical posts spawned a whole armada of comments, usually outlining the fact that she is a dumbass, a hypocrite, and that she has no idea how long the period of gestation is. knightanika promptly joined the lulzfest, putting prime_radiant in her low, low place [1] for her insolent remarks. suspended. Nevertheless, she kept trying to convince her imaginary friends that knightanika is a dirty baby-raping whore. But the only thing she proved was her own batshit insanity.

Lj-favicon.png Stupid_free later lulz'd at her expense, producing the gem "My personal favorite: Judging babies is apparently wrong, but putting them up for judgment is a-ok."


prime_radiant, after her incoherent rambling, was promptly asked to leave the community.

We presume that she is looney tunes because she's married to a real ugly looking guy with a small penis, but that remains to be verified. She annoys people so much that the poor girl couldn't even find anyone to throw her a baby shower.

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