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Prince Willy's Willy was caught on film on the 20th of November 2010, when he went for a quick whizz on the electric fence after a game of polo. The story was originally broken by Perez Hilton by way of the Spanish tabloids, but a storm of early interest predictably slashdotted all sites involved as Madrid has to share one internet connection and one indoor toilet.

By early December, however, the story had made it as far as Buzzfeed and the whole world was having its curiosity satisfied re:what Kate Middleton is having for dinner.

We Saw His Penis OMG!

Oh my gosh, that's mouth watering. I think i'm gonna be thinkin bout this till i get sleepy..ooohh lala. i'm alone in my room..haha.


—miani mae

ohhh wow, shit.... i wish my ass would be fucked with his royal pee pee hahahahahahaah i bet that would feel, royaly filth.. waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



oh well i guess we'll still have to wait to see harry's

this is boring and disappointing and he's so ugly... just like his father



I wouldn't call that his "full glory" but it does look like it has potential.



yummy.. yummyy.. I WANT THAT DOWN MY THROAT! big big! i want to sucky sucky! hot!



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