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Princess Molestia is yet another common Brony based meme that attempts to make the genre appealing and humorous to non-ponyfags by basically bastardizing various characters as sleaze ridden, sexualized, parody versions of themselves. The majority of these try-hard whore versions however often wind up becoming the basis for c-grade clop fodder for hornball bronies to inflict on the unsuspecting masses. Couched in the guise of satirical parody many are taken in with these seemingly humorous horse harpies only to be used by bronies to help further their bestiality born love of candy colored children's cartoon characters.


In addition to Princess Molestia various other knock-off versions have been bitched out by the brony butt-fuckers as well. Including "Trollestia", "Tyrant Celestia", "My Little Tyrant", "Malestia", "Woona", etc, etc. The majority of these forms are third rate shlock pasta pastes often shit out by spastically hormonal 13 year old first fags on 4Chan looking for self-important recognition and ensuing reciprocating reach-arounds.


Even before mass produced macros were being cog stamped by cookie cutter sites for rampant shitpostting abuse the form was already being widely whined for on numerous brony boards, often with butthurt bitching about how no one had yet made any material for them to spam post all over the place to further their wanton attempts to push their pretty pink princess pony faggortry upon the populous.

Down With Molestia

A rare win for John Joseco.

This is a story of a Tumblr user who decided to declare war against Princess Molestia and failed.

In The Beginning

Somewhere deep in the skanky depths of Tumblr, shit was about to hit the fan. Pinkiepony, most likely on the rag, was ready to wage war. Her 13-year-old sister had found a "Molestia" image on Google, and rather than the silly idea of supervising the little brat's internet usage, she decided to do the much more sensible (and much more lulzy) approach.

Gathering all 12 of her followers and by their MSPaint powers combined, the Down With Molestia movement was born.

Claiming that a meme that depicts one of the ponies as a violent rapist somehow promotes and encourages rape IRL, the game was on to make as many fail images of said character along with some cheesy cut and paste motivational image as possible. More and more Tumblr users hopped on the bandwagon, hoping to garner attention for their own shitty art, and before you knew it a new Drama was born!

Assault on John Joseco

Every sick fuck in the Brony community knows John Joseco, creator of the Ask Princess Molestia Tumblr blog that's been around for about a million internet years. Suddenly the followers of Pinkiepony, now out for his blood, were inundating him with hate mail, death threats, and the typical petitions that come with all good drama. His response was to post one honestly lulzy reply that basically mocked the living fuck out of their movement, then to simply move on with his life. Of course, the real hilarity of this is JJ's blog paints Molestia as Princess of all Equestria and a raging kinky pony-molesting slut, but the character never actually rapes anyone except for teasing. GG, guys.

Here Come The Trolls

Like sharks drawn to the scent of blood, the trolls had caught the scent of drama and homed in like Boeing Harpoons. In true troll fashion, some took to pointing out that most DWM followers had recently (and some still were) followers of JJ who had posted tons of positive comments about his blog, while others were simply not fans and looking for a justifiable excuse to take a shot at JJ. Of course, the trolls warmed up their own MSPaints to make parodies of the DWM pictures and started plastering them all over Tumblr. Several dedicated trolls allegedly called Pinkiepony out IRL and drove her into a change room to hide, and although this story is likely just an Attention Whore tactic to gain pity and sympathy we definitely hope it isn't.

Waving The White Flag

In (potentially) a rare show of some Common Sense, the DWM supports have abruptly called off the entire thing. Perhaps it was being chased into a change room by trolls, or perhaps it was the realization that (say it with me, Dramacrats) online petitions never accomplished anything ever. We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica like think that the drama was causing banhammerings left and right, and those who started it have been left crying in the corner of a cold shower by the swift raep of the mods.

DWM 2: Electric Boogaloo

This direct-to-video sequel stars the same Attention Whore as before and all five of her followers on their Jihad to cleanse the earth of Rape Culture with the power of ponies. Rather than the foolish notion of perhaps donating to a charity or volunteering, this time she is serious enough to START A TWITTER PAGE. The plot thickens as her master plan is revealed: To destroy Down With Molestia, Rape Culture, and the Bronies themselves by... getting votes on her page and asking Santa to get rid of Molestia for her. At first it is easy to sympathize and even agree with her since her final solution does include vanquishing the Brony menace from the internets once and for all, but her bat-shit insanity actually makes their horse-fucking seem more reasonable by comparison. So swing by her twitter, open your heart, and let her know you care with a piping-hot plate of Pain Series.

The end of Ask Princess Molestia

On the 17th of January, 2014, JJ received a cease and desist from Hasbro, and his blog was subsequently taken down. The result of this was extreme rage on the part of bronies and the members of the DWM "movement" proclaiming victory for things they were not responsible for and awaiting said brony butthurt, although several other disgusting pony porn blogs have taken it's place. The creator, JJ, supposedly killed himself out of depression, because he couldn't stand the fact that his beloved bestiality blog was taken down. He supposedly had a few other webcomics, but they were apparently shit-tier quality. In short, nobody will miss him.

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