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Proboards is SO complex!

Proboards is an overrated, underrated and siderated free message board hosting service. It enables your average 13 year old boy to create his very own messageboard, and moderate it like a nazi! What fun, what excitement!

Unfortunately, Proboards' TOS prohibits everything that makes the internets great - pr0n, drugs, pyramid schemes, racism and spam. Approximate Gaydar rating: 23534654634.7

Your average Proboards messageboard

Your average Proboards messageboard:

As can be deduced from the above requirements, any given Proboard can be assumed to be a steamy pile of internet excrement. Traffic is miniscule, if any, and conversation revolves around which whiney shit emo band is the best.

Lulz and Drama on Proboards

An example of old meme shit being used to generate lame lulz

It is easy to get some quick lulz out of a Proboard, just follow these steps:

  1. Create a Proboard
  2. Change the color scheme to something really shitty
  3. Get between 1 and 127 of your idiot friends to join
  4. The drama period, this is the time to start some drama using Proboards minimal features:
    • Replace all instances of a member's name with a description of them using the swear word filter, such as "furry sick fuck," "Lolcow" or fucktard"
    • Swear word filter out normal words with swear words or filter punctuation, eg 'the' becomes cunt or '.' becomes dickhorny slutmuffin ok I like cheese chuddy
    • In the "site news" fader, set it to display a giant image of some old meme like Chuck Norris or CATS from All Your Base
    • Link the giant picture to last measure, make it impossible to click anything else
    • Replace the alphabet, it isn't very funny, eg 'e' becomes lololololololol, 's' becomes I love anal sex or 'abcde' becomes I am trying to work out what the filter is coz I love figging
  5. Noone will really visit the Proboard again:
    • Prima will go on to create a multi-billion dollar online empire. However, as the master password was "penis" it was replaced with Goatse
    • Secunda will find a nice boyfriend and settle down into lots of gay furry sex

The Spam Wars

Proboards forums has been subject to lulz in the form of someone going from forum to forum and sending every member a message containing half of the Offended images. The attacks are marked by the banner and url of another Proboards forum above the disturbing images. In all Over 9000 forums have probably been hit by the lulz

Occasionally, the troll would tell dead baby jokes and nigger jokes in the forum's cboxes, usually putting a penis for the icon image. Admins responded by making it so guests can't view the cbox. Much to their surprise he had copied the cbox codes and placed them on his own site.

Although Proboards has a 15-second flood-control, they also have a little-known feature that allows someone to send a message to multiple recipients by putting multiple names in the send box, kind of like an email. The troll exploited this to send every member the message at once.

In his most recent string of attacks(Thanksgiving 2011) his victims gathered to create a 14-page page to bitch about it. During this time, the troll actually made several hits on Proboards support itself. Things got serious when Proboards staff said they were investigating the troll, claiming they tracked him to a college. Apparently the troll has stopped abruptly, possibly because Proboards had threatened legal activity if the lulz didn't stop.

Since the spamming a video showing how to spam Proboards has circulated around the net.

Spam Proboards Forums

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