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Invented on Gaia Online's General Discussion Forum, Prommie is slang for "prominent person", usually a well-known GDer. Prommies are big on drama and usually so full of their own shit that it's hard to look away. Basically, the biggest cunt-suckling losers Gaia has to offer.

What makes a prommie

There are many rigorous qualifications required to be a Gaia prommie:

  • Must live in the past
  • Must pretend to still be relevant
  • Must think their looks and/or personality are beyond reproach
  • Cannot concede wrong doing, ever
  • Must have a crown, usually made of the inside of their own rectal cavity
  • Must constantly seek out having their cock, hypothetical though it may be, sucked by others in their peer group
  • Must reciprocate the above for those same people

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