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The existence of God has always been questioned. One day in the motherland it was put the rest by one post.

In the past

In the past it had been done before, mainly by hax0rz.

In the past

but then...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010, Day Of Glory

This happened

Now of course everyone knew it had to be planned, but then we notice two things no one could plan. First was



People started fainting

That's right not only did God appear on /b/, use cats to prove his existence, play by it's rules, he was equal to 9000!!!

It was even better that he wasn't over 9000. If he was over 9000 he could control everthing, but being equal to 9000 he could create, but not control, which explains suffering, pain and evil.

This is the Ultimate counter against atheists.

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