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Protect fucking everything (or protecting fucking everything) is the act of locking (sysop protecting) every single page on your wiki to prevent other, less-important people from altering the content. On websites such as Wikipedia, protecting fucking everything is often used as the first resort when a sysop experiences vandalism and is too lazy to go through the ambiguous Wikipedia processes of dealing with vandalism. Of course, if you didn't want anyone to edit or create accounts on your wiki, you could just make editing registration-only and revoke account creation rights for IP (anonymous) users.


On the superior wiki, however, the free-spirited admins wish to grant every user page-moving powers. Some would argue this is a terrible idea, and page-moving powers should only be available to the kewl kidz only to prevent abuse. Others would support the contrary; to give ALL user page-moving powers and let them rename articles as they see fit. Unsurprisingly, this policy has resulted in several cases of page-move vandalism.

ED sysops had no choice but to intervene in order to preserve the harmony of the site's portals and intricate category system. Are you a sysop? Act like a grand master of awesomeness and protect the lulz from harm by vandals.


Krade happened to know an alternative method of protecting the lulz:


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