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Protest Warriors is the name a group of right-wing trolls that managed to create some drama during the 2004 election by going to left-wing protests and making sarcastic signs for the lulz. They're about on the same level as Cindy Sheehan if anyone remembers her.

According to TOW, Protest Warrior is "an international organization focused on the politics of the U.S. and Israel." It was started by Alan Lipton and Kfir Alfia. Their slogan is Why do you hate America?


In 2005 or around there, one of their members, elac, who runs a hacking site called, haxed liberal rocknrev's crappy geoshitties page and put up an image with "LIBERALS MUST DIE" written in SpookyBlackBold. He then posted the fact that he had done this on the PW forum. Everyone cheered, but drama ensued when rocknrev BAAAWWWed and said he would call the FBI. The owner of PW, Kfir Alfia, praised elac's haxing then posted a message to rocknrev which said "You're in the Matrix. It's our world down here." showing the Internets he is definitely one internet tough guy.

In 2006, Jeremy Hammond from Hack This Site haxed the Protest Warrior site. This time Kfir Alfia BAAAWWWed and called the FBI. Hammond received 2 years in prison, proving the old saying with Jews, you lose.


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