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Check out that pedosmile!

So, I heard you liek chillun?


Puellula has vanished from the tubes. This is because pedos spend all their money on CP.

Ahoy, pedophiles ahead!

Puellula.com is a website. Not just a site, but a site full of pedophiles. And pedophiles have urges. And those urges tell them to stick it in your daughter's pooper.

Apparently, this means something to pedophiles. Once we find out we'll tell you

Lindsay Ashford, pictured at right before his inevitable forced castration, is a childlover and pedophile. The site is the second biggest pedophile propoganda machine on the internets, surpassed only by Wikipedia. The website is geared toward brainwashing little girls into thinking that it's OK for adults to anal rape them. After all, pedophilia is a sexual orientation, not a sick deviance!

Oh Noes!

Puellula will close on December 1, 2006 [1].

If you wish to prevent this, you must donate your money and soul. It's for freedom, so it's okay.

The damn liberal Internet Police have closed Lindsay's PayPal account, so you will have to send him a nice letter of support.

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