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Dog "hugger"

Ulric "Pumba" Jeffery Larocque is a half-redskin fat dog fucker who uploaded a video of himself "hugging" his dog, Thor, to YouTube but forgot to put up privacy settings. The video of the husky rub had been ripped off YouTube prior to it being set to "private". Unfortunately for Ulric he showed his face at the end of this dog fucking video and it was these facial features which matched 100% with "Pumba"s Facebawk account. Systematic Ruination is ongoing. Several Anons have proceeded messaging his mother and friends, sending them all pictures and the video.

According to Ulric, the dog was totally asking for it. Ulric is in deep shit now, as locals are beginning to take notice. As if fucking a dog wasn't enough lulz for you, Ulric plays Guitar Hero; yes, the faggotry increases exponentially.


At the beginning of the video, a nude fatboy (Ulric) manhandles a medium-sized husky (Thor) that is either excited by his owner's advances, or habitually used to this way of living by now. Throughout the first minute of the video, Ulric Larocque prepares for Thor's "hugging" by restraining and positioning the dog at the correct angle for a hug. For about two minutes, Ulric commences to rub his genitals against Thor's own. Eventually Ulric seems to succeed in penetrating Thor's anal cavity, and commences to bugger the dog. Thor submits to the action without a whimper, suggesting that the dog was habituated to this activity. At the end, after Ulric has relieved himself inside of the dog, he repositions the camera to show his own face and as a final touch, gives the middle finger to the viewer. Back-tracing of the Facebook profile linked on his YouTube page revealed a match. Further trolling on his YouTube account reveals Ulric was also making videos to a Canadian convicted pedophile David Hugh Rock from DavidsFarm. A YouTube pedo that has a history of procuring young boys for the purpose of pornography.

Dog Hugging Video

??? What r u doing to that dog??


—Kayla Maheu

hugging him


—Pumba Jeffery Larocque


Some niggertits mods didn't like the Pumba threads.

GamerTag: vanjozov Proof (look at comments)

REMEMBER: YOU ARE NOT FUNNY. HE IS. When sending anonymous tips to those close to Ulric, please use Hate.

Ulric Jeffery Larocque. AKA "Redskin Reservation Rat". "Blanket-ass" "Bushnigger", "Casino Rat", "Chief Husky Fuck", "Chug", "Cowboy Skeet", "Gas Huffer", "Gut eater", "Injun", "Pie face", "Prairie Nigger", "PRETENDIAN" (for mixed raced native Americans such as Ulric), or, perhaps more intuitively, "Dog Fucker".

His Aunt's nickname is "Squaw" BTW.

If you address him, please do so with these, the official AKA's of his people.

Hospital that Ulric might be in for suicidal thoughts.

Community forum for Ulric's town

BALEETED huskyhugger jewtube

Pumba of Twilight Facebook group

[email protected] -Ulric's Email

School's facebook group closed due to rAIDS

Town Forums

His Piczo Site

his newest facebook pretty much open to the public

Recorded Phone Calls

On 8/24, a brave anon decided to call the hospital and the husky fucker's aunt to retrieve valuable information. An archive with all phone calls known to have been recorded is here: Calls Archive

Jim Worthington call, Ulric is in the hospital for suicidal thoughts and harassment.

Call to hospital, we find out that Ulric has been transferred.

Pretends to be dad, woman on the phone is an idiot.

Talks to aunt pretending to be ASPCA. We find out that the police are involved and that family is getting a LOT of calls.

Failed attempt, possible relation.

Another failed attempt, possible relation


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