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Puppetkun's response to anything that might be viewed as a heated discussion results in him locking/deleting everything, so take lots of screencaps or risk losing the lulz forever.

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This user is a furfag in denial who doesn't understand that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical wiki, and cannot come to terms with themselves. You can help ED by reverting every single edit.

Puppetkun's current avatar on the MFF.

Puppetkun AKA Puppetman is an 15 year old and your local global mod (and furry) on the Midna Fan Forum, where he spends his entire day roleplaying with his friends.

Forum Life

What the shit? Is this guy for real?

Puppetkun is a wonderful moderator on the Midna Fan Forum. Appointed into place by his friend, Puppetkun proceeds to take full advantage of his moderating prowess by deleting and locking everything that doesn't agree with his views or he can't answer. If someone questions him, he locks himself away and bashes them with his boyfriend Savoc Sunlit-Hero, or makes assumptions on the person in question's behalf, because HOW DARE YOU QUESTION A GOD?

Puppetkun is egotistical, and thinks he's one of the best roleplayers under the sun. If you think otherwise, you need to leave the boards now, because we will not be having this type of heresy. He currently has OVER 9,000 original characters, over half of which are not of the human race. But has never had sex with any of them, because his penis is still in shrinkwrap

Puppetkun also shows signs of not being able to comprehend basic human language in the written form, taking everything wrong and even comparing masturbation to murder. He blames this fault on seeing his family members doing stupid shit to make themselves happy.

There is one thing that came to me as I read this. Just because something makes you happy, doesn't mean you should do it. If I loved to murder, and felt happy killing people, should I kill more? No! Of course not! Life isn't all about happiness. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but those are my two cents.


—Because Masturbation is on equal terms with Murder

I'm sorry. It's just that I've seen my family and friends do REALLY stupid things in pursuit of happiness. My dad drank, my mom smokes, my friend asked five people to sleep with her when on marijuana (thank God her sister was there), and I've seen many horrible things happen in the name of happiness. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I hope you can forgive me.


—Puppetkun, bawwwwwwing Note: Where does this "friend" of his live?? Sounds more fun than he does LULZ

He also blames his massive mood swings on being Bi Polar. But in real life, we all know that a bunch of bullshit and that he's just retarded like most other Furries.

Fur Faggotry

Recently, Puppetkun has taken to introducing himself as "your local global mod and furry" to all new members that come to the board. His signature even states "Furries > Normal Girls, IMO" (lawl)

Puppet pushes his ideals upon new members

I like this idea!


—Puppetkun, admitting that he wants to tenderly love a midna plushie

If you even hint that you dislike furs or don't understand the kink, Puppetkun gets massively offended, and demands to know an explanation for this faggotry. He also calls you close minded, despite being a Christian and closet bisexual. Puppetkun also adamantly denies that he's into real animals or fursuiters.

Yeah, I guess I only go for softer things. Fur, feet, yuri... Although I do like some stuff that's a bit more out of the normal. I have a slight thing for blood, I like bestiality (to a point,) and a bit of dominance.


—Puppet makes a convincing argument that he's not into having sex with animals.

Oh, and since it's already been said, I also am attracted to dolphins. Woo. But no other animals.


—Puppetkun, spreading the truth

Puppetkun also admits that his greatest fantasy is having loving marriage with Flora, his favorite anthropomorphic cat girl.

Flora would top my list. I wouldn't even want to sleep with her... Just to be with her... To cuddle... To kiss... To bask in her presence, to feel a deep and personal connection with her... To finally have someone to love and to love me... Companionship on a level like never before. Then (hopefully) marry her... Then sex.


— Puppetkun, master of contradictions Accidental Sex

violence also turns me on... Gore, cannibalism, rape... Yeah, I make myself sick sometimes.


—Showing signs of needing to be removed from the general population

Puppetkun is a pussy and cannot fight his own battles. When engaged in a battle of wits, his first response is to call upon his fellow mods to back him up. If they tell him he's fucked, he locks the topic like the excellent mod that he is, in a move of autocracy. Wouldn't his idol be proud?

Yeah. Cardinair pwns all. :D


—Puppetkun, pwning by extension

If it comes up that Puppetkun is in the wrong, he proceeds to mightily kiss ass to moderators that are on equal standing, or higher in rank than him cause he doesn't want to get on their bad sides


Despite his massive ego, Puppetkun has shown on numerous occasions that he cannot write, and puts very little effort into doing so. He's quite popular with the ladies on the Adult Roleplay board. His character names are an amalgamation of words strung together that sound cool, but actually look as if they were yanked from a Silver Ravenwolfe book.

Observer moaned happily with pleasure, his tail flicking back and forth in tune with Liteice's movements.

"Don't you want me to do anything?"


—Puppetkun's furfag character, Observer, getting sucked off by some slut. Note the overzealous descriptions

Displaying a vast knowledge of formatting.

Puppetkun is so obsessed with RPing that, in a display of his g0dly writing skillz and creativity, he proposed an RP-fic, just so he could take all of the credit for coming up with such a awesome idea.

(Who wants to write the first chapter? This is supposed to be like the three-word story, except you MUST BE SERIOUS! And self-insertion is allowed.)


—Puppetkun attempts to show his superiority by showing a lack of creativity. I see what you did there

1337 writing skillz

Not only does Puppetkun think he can write, he's also under the impression that his characters are deep and important to warrant a demand for someone to spend their day drawing his furfag characters.

Shitty art he sucked major, throbbing cock to get

Puppetkun is under the impression that making fake Magic the Gathering cards constitutes as art.

Puppetkun displays his massive ninj4 skillz by putting the king of emo on a Magic the Gathering card

Puppetkun also pimps out his favorite online furry comic Two Kinds whenever their rank slips below the #1 spot, because we all know that everyone wants to read some shitty online comic about animals fucking. He's also a member of their forums, where he roleplays with other furfags, and is attempting to suck enough cock to get moderator status.

The TL;DR version?

Puppetkun is a gigantic

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