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Pussy riot jail.jpg
Dissents? In My Russia? Didn't think so...
Typical liberated Pussy Riot member. Srsly.

Pussy Riot (more like Pussy Rot, amirite?) is a Russian dyke band with 15 members and serves as evidence of the fact that if you try to fuck with Bad Vlad, you're gonna have a bad time. This was a no-name, shitty band that no one cared about until some of the members attempted to IRL troll Putin by throwing a surprise performance in a Cathedral. To absolutely no one's surprise, they were then v& by Bad Vlad. Putin once again demonstrated his boundless wisdom by protecting Mother Russia from shitty music, but for some reason, said vanning garnered a great deal of attention in the librul Western media and unleashed a massive shitstorm. Yeah, they're behind bars, probably getting sodomized with objects of various sizes. You may commence to fapping now. Sadly this is no longer the case, as Bad Vlad released Pussy Riot in exchange for some sexual favors.

The consequences AKA the dark side strikes back

Nice performance. I rate it as 2 years of jail out of a possible ∞.
Soon they'll be performing only for brown bears.
Fun fact: The slogan "No Pasaran" was coined by Spanish anti-fascists. And we all know how that ended...

Lord Putin's reaction in an interview:

I wouldn’t really like to comment, but I think if the girls were, let’s say, in Israel, and insulted something in Israel … it wouldn’t be so easy for them to leave. [If they] desecrated some Muslim holy site, we wouldn’t even have had time to detain them


—"Yeah, we're pretty bad, but don't get me started with the towelheads and heebs"

Nonetheless, I don’t think they should be judged too severely for this. But the final decision rests with the courts – I hope the court will deliver a correct, well-founded ruling


—...let's say, free state sponsored vacation in some distant corner of Siberia?

Despite the protest of feminists bitches, jew libruls and other retards, music critics rated their song on a scale from 1 to 7 years to 2 years in prison... but, unfortunately, not an additional 15 years in a forced labor camp. "Sadly" their song didn't make it to Itunes, Beatport, Soundcloud or any other music selling shitsite. At least they didn't find themselves among the 47 comrade journalists that have most regrettably choked on their tea spoons, coincidentally after talking shit about Putin.

The dark lord has spoken

The world's reaction AKA Feminist Shitstorm

As mentioned before, this action released a massive amount of feminist butthurt all around the West. These whores have been coddled all of their lives and are accustomed to "winning" every argument against other pussywhipped liberals by claiming that they had already been raped a thousand times by the age of six. In stark contrast, acting like a retard in Russia entails genuine consequences. A shitstorm of legendary proportions was ready to be unleashed.

Feminists learn slowly, if at all.
Saying free mah nigga will not actually free your nigga
(Ironically, the cross was a memorial to the victims of Russian oppression)
German dykes leaving the kitchen, getting exactly the same treatment

Sochi Olympics

Pussy Riot and all its fans.

During the 2014 Winter Olympics members of Pussy Riot exposed themselves in spite of they were told not to perform there. As the result they got the living piss whipped out of them by some cossack guys. The cossacks' sudden art performance had successfully completed pussies' play. Later passerbys offered them chicken and informed Pussy Riot chickens are for eating, of which Pussy Riot had previously been unaware.


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