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Typical QUALITY screencap
Not even video game intros are safe from horrible animation.

QUALITY is what you see posted at least 100 times on /a/. QUALITY is distorted, or poorly drawn anime (and recently western cartoon) screencaps that depict the epic lulz of the animator's drug addiction while drawing that particular scene.


List of "QUALITY" filled animus

In animated form!

Seriously though, just google "Musashi Gundoh."

However, you have to remember that the 'Bad' animated one is at least 17 years old in comparison.


No it's not it came out in 2006 while the first one came out in 2004, so there's no excuse for it's poor animation to be that low."


How to troll a QUALITY thread


Most of the posters on /a/ are strict when it comes to QUALITY images. They claim action shots, or screencaps taken when Naruto is getting assraped by Sasuke is not QUALITY. Because of this fact, be sure to post as much as possible. Shooped screencaps of anime characters looking kind of cool are also not tolerated. Posting these as well is important, as it causes much anger among the weeaboos.


QUALITY About missing Pics

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