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Queening is a sexual position in which one partner (male or female) is lying upon his/her back, and a fat woman sits on his/her face. It is also known as face sitting.


While the act itself in one form or another has been recorded in early wall paintings and furry porn, the term "queening" and the act as we know it today was first officially documented at least a hundred years ago, when King George III was sat upon by Good Charlotte in front of their three eldest children, which caused quite a lot of lulz.


It's more than likely that both participants will be nude (while the fully-dressed act hasn't been amply documented as "queening", it may be even more retarded). The seated fat woman may face any direction she likes as she is an amorphous blob. For instance, like with her back to the recipient's body, she could look down at the floor while grinding her unkempt pussy into his/her face. If the fat slut is facing the recipient's body, then she is free to play with her partner's body/genitalia, and this affords the partner a nice view of her fat ass, if s/he's into that kind of thing. People who submit to this sort of thing are called intelligent people.

Ghey variations

Some sources indicate that "queening" entails a day-long application of this position, where the partner is perhaps restrained, which creates many opportunities for lulz with all the huge farts.

Queening is often found associated with femdom activities. A woman can use the male as a seat for her fat ass. The male can be objectified in this manner - while the woman reads something faggy like "Fat Cunt Weekly: All Fat Cunts, All the Time", watches Oprah or Lifetime, perhaps even eat until she explodes. The man can be forced to use his tongue and mouth on her asshole or vagina - the butthole more associated with a gayer level of humiliation and submission. Only retards will let a fat ass do that to them. It makes Jesus cry. Reverse facesitting allows for more BDSM type activity on the male body, especially if restrained - for instance, they can play with the tallywhacker, masturbate to furries or something gay like that.

Male "Queening"

The person sitting on the partner's face - doing the "queening" - is never male. That's, like, something else entirely. Teabagging, tossing the salad, maybe kinging, putting the sword in the stone, who knows. Whatever. But there is one who can be asked about the process of Male Queening, he goes by the name of Ned Nerb Noob although his hobbies mainly involve kangawallafox related activities male queening is a past time that he also enjoys.


In conclusion, femdom is totally not cool as involves the woman being in power.

Queening also occurred in the RAF Regiment as a form of ritual abuse, in particular, on 20 Squadron, during the early 1990's. A victim was usually picked out at a squadron social event, by 'old sweats' shouting 'Queen him! Queen him!' This individual was then caught, forced to the ground and queened by another (male) member of the squadron.

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