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Quirkyloverosee = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Cat eyes.JPG
This is what you see when you die.

On the surface, Quirkyloverosee/rubysunshine91, powerword Rosie Skaggs, is just another confident fat activist from Rednecksville, Georgia - however, to nobody's surprise, it turns out that she's actually a walking, talking ball of delusion who insists that she's "healthy", and who will block anyone who tries advise her on how to extend her lifespan by another couple of hours. She has a massive following on Instagram, made up of retards who consider her an "inspiration" for having the bravery to post on Instagram while being fat and ugly. This is of course just to reduce their own feelings of indequacy and make them look good by comparison, as anyone who looks at her can tell that death is right around the corner. When one of her dad's friends died of complications due to being obese, she comforted her distraught father by buying him shitloads of sweets and snacks while bawwing about her own mortality and how that could be her. Quirky claims to have "binge eating disorder", which rids her of all responsibility over what she puts into her body. After blocking your for daring to suggest legitimate coping methods, Quirky will screencap and upload your comments so that her white knights can go angrily jiggle their collective folds at teh cyber-stalker bullies.


Like a pig feeding at a troff. Notice how she can't eat without getting food all over herself.
What better way to confess to being a home wrecker then through an unfunny meme?
Any sexual relationship with this beast can indeed be described as "udder hell".

If you couldn't already guess, Quirky is one of those fat bitches in the Third Wave of Feminism Movement who tries to act like every single thing that she does is for the good of other women. She has a monumental martyr complex, resulting in an endless stream of butthurt about how she's oh so persecuted. What Quirky neglects to tell her followers is that, once upon a time on Reddit, she was prone to bragging about giving head, bashing on people who were single and referring to them as failures in life, and boasting about how she fucked her cheating ex after he had already left her for another girl. Quirky also neglects to mention how she was a homewrecker. Yes, Rose had such shit self worth that she knew that the only way she could be with a man again was by presenting herself as a side piece and forcing herself somewhere she didn't belong. Kind of ironic for someone who got cheated on and went full emo about it, huh? Did we mention that this guy has a young daughter? How "feminist" of you, Quirky!

That ought to show 'em!

Quirky also stays true to the textbook SJW Tumblrtard behaviour by diagnosing herself with every single disorder under the sun. She claims that when she was eighteen years old, her "unmedicated bi-polar virgin" personality is what drove her to have sex with some random guy she had met online. Quirky claims to have used a condom, and yet she began to display symptoms of herpes a few months after the incident. Instead of seeing a doctor or ballsing up and admitting to her parents that she was a fuck-up, Quirky decided to baww to the internet as usual about her problems and seek out coddling support rather than an actual solution. No doubt she probably still is infected to this day, which is probably a lovely complement to the urine burns she has around her pussy and ass regions. The zits and cellulite also give it a nice touch.

Eating Habits

An artists rendering of Quirky.

Despite claiming to be "healthy", Quirky is constantly posting massive portions of disgustingly unhealthy foods and bragging about how she's eating it all. She frequently rants about how she eats oh so healthily and how nobody "knows her life", yet every other day she's posting pictures of cupcakes, alcohol, Wendy's, pizza, and other forms of cow feed filled with preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. When she does this, her dumbfuck followers praise her for NOT GIVING A FUCK and going against societal standards of beauty. When Quirky is in need of extra ass pats, she will post pictures of healthy snack boxes from Graze and ask for praise of her healthy eating. Curiously, all these snack boxes have failed to cancel out her constant, enormous caloric intake and she has grown much larger than she was years ago.

Delusions of Grandeur

Quirky also claims that by loving herself, she has single-handedly changed society's view on beauty. What Quirky doesn't understand is that not only does she not make any sense most of the time, but that she is also a massive hypocrite who acts in absolutes. She shuns the rest of the world for being myopic and cruel, yet does the exact same thing on a daily basis whenever someone doesn't agree with her. She is completely unable to accept the fact that some people just don't want to be fat anymore and, unlike her, got off of their scooters to actually do shit about it. She claims to hate bullies, but anyone who disagrees with or questions her (even civilly) is immediately blocked and has her personal army sent down upon them. Rose boasts about just oozing compassion for the human race from every enlarged pore on her body, but doesn't stop to think that she could use some of her food money to buy soup for the homeless instead of blowing it all on nutritionally bankrupt fast food.

Quirky also doesn't go to school. In fact, she failed her freshman year of high school and never went back. Why did she fail? She admits in a Youtube video of hers that she flunked out because she spent all of her time eating and watching television. Instead of trying to go to college and make an actual career for herself or hell, even taking up a retail job where she could waddle off a few fucking pounds, she works for Apple on a customer hotline from home. This still isn't good enough for her, as she is often prone to bitching about how difficult her job is, how unfair it is to be working on Christmas Eve, or how her bank account is at -$7 and she's STARVING. Starving, yes, on the very same day as she bragged about dropping $30 on a cheap plastic gaming headset. That money totally couldn't have been used for food or anything. So, what happens next? Well, anytime Quirky whines her followers will go and send her pizza. Yes, these moralist morons just don't see how they could possibly be doing any harm to her.

It should be noted that even former fat asses have approached her, bringing words of what they thought were wisdom. Instead of seeing this as a gesture of kindness and help, especially from people who were in her shoes, she promptly blocked them and had her army of hamplanets lay into them about how telling any fat person to lose weight is fat shaming!1!!!!1!1!!1 Asking their weight? Fat shaming!11!!!1!1

Rose also does not bathe on a regular basis. She'll spend many a night taking naked selfies for her Instagram followers about how she "just got out of the shower", yet her hair is a greasy, frizzy mess and she has stains on her skin. Anons have identified these discolorations on her face, neck, and tits as Tinea Versicolor, or in short, fungal infection as a result of not fucking bathing. This is probably because she can't even fit in her shower, resulting in her just dumping baby powder over her head and calling it hygiene.

People have had sex with this thing, and thirsty niggers still try to get at it.


But you just said that you don't associate with the word "curvy".

This hamplanet will react violently to being asked for nudes, camming, sexual roleplay, or anything remotely sexual in nature despite the fact that she's whored herself out in the past. She's prone to childlike tantrums where she bitches and moans about being fetishized, despite her past habit of dropping her disgusting nudes on Reddit's fat fetish board and on her Chaturbate account. Older social media photos show her proudly touting her lard self around, almost as if she actually embraced being fetishized. At some point, probably after someone telling her how utterly fucking disgusting she is, Quirky then decided to claim that she hates being fetishized for her weight. She also says that she was approached twice to be a model! In spite of fetish hatred, she will still drop pictures of herself on her Instagram account with captions stating that she feels like she needs to "come clean" and be "open about her body". Obviously, she's full of shit and it's just a plot for attention and an excuse to take pictures of herself half naked or completely naked as if there's anything to prove.

Like many fat Negresses and fat white girls like Meghan Trainor, Quirky fancies herself as a "sassy woman with #sassyrealness". In reality, all that happened is that she became even more arrogant and obnoxious and hid it under the guise of being "confident" with herself. Quirky, along with all fat women who take on this persona, fail to realize that they're just thoughtless pieces of shit and nobody finds their Queen Latifah wannabe antics to be inspiring or hilarious. In fact, it makes them appear even more pathetic and desperate for some form of validation.

Speaking of validation? That's another thing that Quirly wants yet acts like she doesn't. Her social media accounts and videos are filled to the butter stained brim with her cunting on and on about how she doesn't need anybody's approval, yet her entire crusade against the rest of the normal world is set on her achieving validation from everyone else for how she looks and her lifestyle. Oh, yes.. Her oh so noble lifestyle of being a lazy, delusional, sedentary piece of shit.

A Vimeo video made three years ago (see links) showcased Quirky auditioning for 'The Biggest Loser'. The video shows how she's too fat to fit into her own car properly (ALL WHILE SHE'S HOLDING A SODA), cannot sit in restaurant booths, claims to have been a gifted and intelligent child, and blames her weight on everyone else except for herself. She even goes as far as to blame the 20 something restaurants in her area for making her fat, even though she could simply learn some fucking self control and buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store instead. The video closes not only with her demanding help in her usual, entitled manner, but with her actually stating that YouTube has a "culture" and is "so raw and real". She says that her dream is to be a part of YouTube and make videos.

Most people dream of legitimate shit, such as getting a stable career, having a family, or fucking living to see 40. Oh, no! See, this just isn't the case with her! Quirky is such unintelligent white trash that her ~*dream*~ is to sit on her ass and make internet videos all day. But, god forbid you explain to her or her sheep why this isn't only unrealistic, but completely fucking lazy and retarded.

Needless to say, she wasn't chosen for the show and it was probably because they saw that she didn't want to change. She just wanted to demand things of others, as she's always done, and blame everyone else in the world for things that are her own fault.

Watch the dumbass try to do her makeup and fail.

Her Fans and Family

How Quirky tags every single one of her pictures

Chubby Chasers and White Knights

They only rush to call her beautiful because their first thought is that she's hideous.

Quirky's followers and fans are a mix of fat fetishists, other hideous fat girls, and a small minority of doormat yet average looking girls who keep her around for the lulz. Comments have likened her body to that befitting a celestial goddess, sexy, and the ever so popular "curvy"-- even though it looks like a Christmas tree made of melting Crisco and there's not a single concave curve to be found. Not only do these people come whenever their beloved, fat queen calls upon them, but they are known to stalk the comments of her Instagram photos and materialize the moment a comment looks the slightest bit contrary. It really isn't any surprise how hard these people project themselves on those rightfully calling Rose out on her shit. After all, they're the ones with all of the time in the world to refresh Instagram all day and get off to their own sense of altruism after being such good people for "helping" a poor, dumpy fat girl feel as if she's important.

Unfortunately, her fans are so autistic that they've failed to understand that they not only further complicate her health, but their constant coddling and lying prohibits her from ever seeing the reality of her situation. All they've done is inflate her ego to proportions probably the size of her own lard ass, leading her to become a hateful, manipulative, and sneaky bitch with complexes which will only continue to cripple her.


Quirky's father ran off to Norway in recent times, as it was the only place he could escape her orbit. Her mother apparently lives in Florida, and with Quirky firmly parked in Canton, GA, trolls have wondered where her Autistic brother is most of the time. What could have happened is that their parents got sick of her shit and divorced. She argues with her mother enough and bawws about it while using her retarded brother as her shield during trolling conflicts. During the period in which her brother was unemployed, he frequently concocted Quirky these horrendous, sugar-grease-fat laden meals that she certainly didn't need. She saw no problem with this because it meant that her lazy ass didn't need to lose her breath lifting her arm to work a spatula. When people questioned why someone with a morbidly obese sister would feed them such things, she pitched a tantrum and accused everyone of calling her brother her feeder.

Trolling Quirky, or "Taking Candy From a Lardass Baby"

Quirky is paranoid as fuck over trolls being on her page.

This porker claims to be a ~*warrior*~ who doesn't care what people say about her, but every little negative remark is quickly screenshot with the hopes of being told that she's forever right and that the world is just a big, dumb meanie. What pisses Quirky off?


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Noodz. Proof That God Hates Humanity. About missing Pics
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