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Typical Quiz Result. Oh ma Gawd, Love Hina! OMG IT'Z BE SOOO KAWAII!

An online quiz is essentially the modern day version of the Oracle of Delphi. By answering a few seemingly unrelated questions, you can find out information about the deep, dark crevices of your personality. For those people unitiated into the world of psychobabble, this information is usually summarized into a fun form, such as:

"You're a Shirley Temple!"
"You're a water angel!"
"You're Draco Malfoy!"
"Your kissing style is PASSIONATE!"
"You will most likely die from: too much masturbation!"

You are the purple fairy. You like to kill kittens and knit teacozies. You enjoy a good piece of pizza, but only on Mondays. OMGZoRZ SOOOOOO ACCURATE!

What can I expect?

These quizzes are not tough, don't worry. Here are a few, example questions:

What is your favorite color?
a) Blue
b) Black
c) Red

Who is your favorite Simpsons Character?
a) Homer
b) Marge
c) Lisa
d) Bart
e) I don't watch The Simpsons

What is your favorite type of slashfic?
a) Harry Potter
b) Bible_Slash
c) Jesus Christ/Eminem
d) Land Before Time
e) Slash is gross
f) Slash?

I have my results. Now what?

Call your local Planned Parenthood branch... Oh, right.

The results you received from your online quiz usually come with a plethora of options for code. That fun meme that displayed your results? You must repost that, be it in your Facebook page, your tumblr, your Xanga, or even your favorite messageboard. Posting as many of these as humanly possible makes it easy for people to instantly understand your personality, likes/dislikes, sense of humor, or any other aspect of your psyche that you can imagine.

O, Lion King test! I got hyenas :( Takin' it over and over again 'til I get Simba

So, I really have to repost all of these?

Of course! Someone with a PhD worked very hard to put together these scientifically accurate tests and it is your solemn duty to repost them, so others can benefit].

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