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Patrick as himself
03:01 <r3x>i want to stab you through my screen right now


—r3x handling criticism like a mature adult

r3x aka Patrick Beekeeping Jew Enabling Gaines aka "r3x as himself" is a thirty-something year old transient homosexual and fortune teller from New Jersey who now resides in Sedona, Arizona as of Last Thursday. It is speculated that Patrick might be the product of an unholy union between L. Ron Hubbard and Uwe Boll, but without further science it is impossible to determine. What is known is that r3x is currently trying to be the leader of Anonymous, and is responsible for such faggotry as 888chan, Occupy Wall Street, Whatis-theplan, and the worst and most eggregious display of moralfaggotry the internet has ever seen since Project Chanology.

Summary Of Failure


During the course of his internet life, r3x has had many many aliases each with a different history, location, birth place and of course all supported each others stupidity

  • T0X1C 2008-2008
  • TransientOx 2008-2009
  • Hunter S. Thompsanon 2008-2008
  • r3x 2008-2010
  • Mifune 2004-2010
  • Dunecat 2010-2011
  • FighterFromADistance/FFAD 2011-2011
  • Telemachos 2011-?
  • Jakesully 2011

The 4chan Slapfight

At some unknown point, some faggot named Denvetta split away from the inglorious clusterfuck of fail and moralfaggotry known as Whatis-theplan, and as star-crossed lovers typically cannot resist doing, promptly started trolling his former comrade-in-arms by impersonating him on 4chan. On August 13th, 2011, this culminated in R3X posting on 4chan for the first time with a tripcode, and rushing to save his good name. What followed was a night-long trollfest spanning two *chans and a shit forum website.

Here's proof it's not me, now please visit my site. About missing Pics
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The end of Vibecraft

As a noted philosopher, Patrick had an inclination to create his own complete and utter bath of pig shit from the Internet combining the worst of cancer, failure and AIDs from the chans and mixing them with semen and homosexual groin sweat and writings of L. Ron Hubbard Patrick formulated his ultimate thesis on reality hacking called Vibecraft.

Vibecraft is not your normal cult, instead of the scam involving the sale of material goods, Patrick's goal seems to have been to create an MMO religion or cult around Anonymous and it's memes. Using words like "newfag" "moralfag" "hate-fag" and "oldfag" Patrick intended to create crowd-sourced societies called "vibes" (because they're virtual tribes am I right?). These "vibes" would be independent of each other and include lawyers and civil servants as a way to: "discourage and prevent DDOS attacks against Vibecraft and the Plan".

It was fun, bit didn't last long.

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