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Red Darkstar Kirby, or more commonly referred to as RDK (which also stands for Really Dirty Jew), is a leet Super Smash Brothers player from everyone's favorite tourneyfag site, Smashboards. Even among the elitist tourneyfags of Smashboards, he declares himself the elitest. In fact, he's such a leet player, that he decided to shout this proclamation to the rest of the tourneyfag community by making his own shitty Smashboards knockoff using the wonders of Invisionfree forums.

Ardeekay and the Rise of Gay 2 Win

More like RDGay, amirite?
Note the fancy scrolling text that displays the speshel ultimate uber-advacned tecnhinques of the tourneyfags.

RDK is not only a cocky bastard who thinks he is good at debating and video games, but he is also the main admin of the "elite" Smashboards spinoff called Play 2 Win. His trademarks include using petty insults and logical fallacies in his arguments, posting in bright red fruity font, using a clever House avatar, and being a general douche to people. RDK also enjoys sucking the lifeless birth defected cock of his fellow Gay 2 Win member Dylan_Tnga.

IRL, RDK is a ridiculous excuse for a human being. His self proclamation of his status of being part of the "higher smash community" on SmashBoards just proves how much of a great contribution to life he srsly is. Probably beaten and sexually abused by his drunken step-father, RDK takes out his anger by verbally assaulting people with his ridiculously biased opinions and insightful commentary. Contrary to popular belief, RDK does not care what people on the internet think about him. Even though 99% of the people on SmashBoards, which is over 9000 people, thinks his life is a complete waste of shit. Still, the 1% that can stand him enjoys reinforcing his biased opinions by giving him support when he attempts to win an argument. They still ultimately fail because they are arguing on the internet.

RDK's underlings are almost as bad as he is. Chief of these is the infamous Del Money from Smashboards. Del is generally unknown to the rest of the e-populace, but to the Smashboards-goers, he is known to be a shitty poster with ridiculously LULZ-worthy grammar, and a general asshole. Del Money also spends his time trying to be sneaky by blatantly editing articles in sad attempts to make 4chan butthurt. However, he proves his intelligence by making these edits under the shrewd name codename BigDee. LULZ.

Note: RDK is not actually any good at all at playing Smash. In fact, he never played well in the number of tournaments he went to. That number is probably the number of times you got laid.


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For epic LULZ, you can visit Gay 2 Win: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Play_2_Win/index.php?

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