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The RS10 Gang is a troll organization focusing on wikis, most notably Wikia. Founded in 2008 by Red State10, the group has proven itself to be a menace to e-society.


The group established itself on Wikia in 2008, but was not taken seriously until the next year.

Bandwidth Rape

Sometime during the spring of 2009, the group started vandalizing Wikia templates with large amounts of data, taking several wikis offline. Wikia responded with permanent bans of all IP addresses responsible. Using tor, the RS10 gang did the same thing a few weeks later.

Runescape Wiki

One day while phishing for passwords, an RS10 member gained access to an admin account on the Runescape wiki. He went on to vandalize the front page and ban many users. The account was locked within an hour.

DDoS Attacks

In early 2010, RS10 members celebrated successful DDoS attacks of Wikia that left several wikis offline for hours.

Wiki's Closed

In August of 2010, the RS10 gang recruited several trolls from various websites and went about attacking Wikia. This resulted in several wikis being closed to editing to everyone except Wikia staff for the next 24 hours.


During the war between 4chan and Tumblr, concerned RS10 members sent out emails to Wikia staff giving them a bullshit story that 4chan had hacked all Tumblr accounts. This resulted in notices being emailed out to all contributors of numerous wikis.


This was up for two hours.

The RS10 gang were among the first hardcore vandals on most minor Wikimedia wikis (Wikinews, Wikisource, etc). Although they have not been active on Wikimedia for months, their early edits were left untouched for hours, or sometimes days.

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