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Rachel Stieringer, compitent mother, unfortunate victim.

Rachel Marie Stieringer is a victim of liberal pothead propaganda who heard all the benefits of smoking pot, and decided that her eleven month old son would benefit hugely from the experience. Then photographed it and shared it on Facebook.

Unfortunate Misunderstanding

Marijuana addicts speak of pot with a reverence typically reserved for religious figures or particularly adept prostitutes. Should they be believed, legalizing pot would provide billions in taxes, cure all sorts of diseases, and end war, instead of making the smoker a fat, bald, stupid, impotent manchild. Rachel Stieringer, a loving mother from Keystone Heights Florida, read all of the wonderful things pot can do and wanting these benefits for her son. She put her sizable water bong in front of her child, and let him take a big ass rip off of it. While the kid mellowed, loving mother Rachel snapped a picture to show a friend on Facebook how great of a mother she was. But then, something terrible happened.

My opinion ont his is this woman should be legally apprehended. If you look at the picture you can tell the child is aware of how to use a bong. Which is disturbing within itself. The child clearly knows that his hand needs to be placed over the pipearea and mouth at the top to inhale.


—RBartlett1983, baby expert

Poor babies are being kidnapped.. abused..raped..murdered..beaten every minute.. and now this!! How freaking wonderful this mother is also. Jail her.. take her child and DONT let her have it back.


—If only she had abused, raped, murdered and then beaten the child instead...

Hilarious photo!


—Headlesschoir, one of us! One of us!

Munchies may prove challenging without teeth.

People misinterpreted a picture of a child in front of a water bong (as well as a hair straightener, which four out of five doctors agree gets quite hot). They seemed to think that a picture of a child in front of drug paraphernalia was the sign of a negligent mother, instead of a loving caregiver teaching a child in the way it should go. Once the picture received wide circulation, the tired old moral machinery ground into action. And then, something amazing happened: the Keystone police department looked at all the petitions, Facebook groups, and blog comments, and decided to remove the child from Rachel's care, place it in a loving home, and charge Rachel with the library of child endangerment charges. Except none of that happened. The child stayed with Rachel, and the only charge filed against Rachel was one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, and that was the end of it.

Latter Day Developments

Until he name popped up again, in a very different situation than online shenanigans. Rachel is clearly quite a slow learner, as she was arrested in June 2013 for, amongst other things, conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine with a child present. She has progressed in one important way, as she didn't get busted with pictures of her 4 year old next to her chemistry set. Her arrest also proves the gateway drug theory correct; at first you're just hitting the bong with your 11 month old, next thing you know, you're playing Breaking Bad with your four year old in an abandoned house.

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