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Rahsarah91 is an emo whore that asked on 4chans advice board if she should let herself get fucked by a dog because she promised her boyfriend. The whole thread is archived on the 4chan archive baleeted. After the deed was done, she returned to /adv/ to report her misadventures. /r/, and eventually /b/ responded by searching for the video. Thus far the search has been largely frustrated by misinformation, moralfags and newfags.

It is believed that if the video exists it has not been leaked, therefore the only way for /b/ to get the video is to FIND SARAH

The /adv/ Thread

On June 13th, 2010 a girl posting on /adv/ on 4chan told people she had made a deal with her boyfriend to fuck a dog. The next day, she reported that she had done the act in exhaustive detail, mentioning the existance of a video. This thread was met with mixed disgust, disbelief and admiration.

Initially, rahsarah could not be recognised because her face was obscured by her hands in previous pictures. Her full face was finally uncovered in a Rate Me thread on /adv/, ironically contributing to the cancer her experience had the potential to cure.

Operation: Dog Love

Meanwhile, at /b/, the search was on. The persuers were plauged at every turn by false, deleted and coincidental pages on OKCupid, Twitter, Beastforum, MySpace, Motherless, AIM, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr. Information on the girl seemed to be changing by the hour. Anonymous found, and quickly claimed her MySpace page. Aided by white knights, who lured gullible /b/tards into downloading trojans with pictures, it had seemed that rahsarah91 had made a perfect escape.

The search was fueled by the prospect of the video in question; although equally anons were motivated by the lulz of ruining her life.

Various Anons spoke with the rahsarah over AOL instant messenger. Many reasoned that posting the video or nudity would call off the manhunt. To one, rahsarah91 replied, "there is no vid =-O". EDIT: AIM was rahsarah91; this is no longer active.

Early July 4th on yet another /b/ thread, a new picture of rahsarah91 was delivar'd with a set of instructions. The poster promised tits once 100 members joined a certain IRC room. The number was reached, but no tits were delivered. Rahsarah herself was assumed to have made this move, revealing herself as the master troll that she is.

A short time later, rahsarah's tripcode was cracked, revealing her password as #ward. As a result, /b/ was given a new lead to her name, but now Anonymous could masquerade as rahsarah as they pleased. That same day, one /b/tard reported having known a Sarah Warner in California, and was subsequently friendzoned by her, around 2006/2007.

Operation Save Our Sarah

Appealing to the population of Failbook, one /b/tard created a group appealing for information on rahsarah91. They claimed to be concerned about her, on account of her abusive boyfriend. Within one day, the group pulled in over 100 members.


Possible Names and Locations

Name Notes
Sarah Williams Anon from /r/ speculated that her surname was Williams based on the name Sarah W from her MySpace
Sarah Ward The key for rahsarah's 4chan tripcode, !yjMb52O1R, when cracked, is #Ward
Sarah Wade Listed on a speculative Twitter account
Sarah Dunn Facebook and Twitter page with matching details to rahsarah's. Confirmed to be a false lead.
Sarah/Amy Warner An Anon made an unsubstansiated claim to know rahsarah by this name. She had friendzoned him in California 3 to 4 years ago
Sarah Howard (Sarah *ward) Anonymous speculated that W was the first letter from her middle name, and that ward was simply the end of her surname

Location Notes
Berea, OH Listed on her MySpace; Berea Zipcode associated with her AIM account, Possible IP backtraces 25km from Berea; OKCupid similar users are all from OH
Ottawa, Canada Listed on her OKCupid; But OKCupid similar uses are all from OH. Similar users is by IP. Canada was a red herring!
American midwest Based on the pictures provided, Anonymous guessed that her house is situated in the American midwest, and dated between the 1970s/1980s
London, UK Temporary false lead
Manchester, UK Temporary false lead
CA Anon claimed to know her from California

With no definate answers on rahsarah, as even her first name is not confirmed, no name or location is confirmed as false as of yet.

Gallery of Rahsarah91

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Notable Quotes

After pleading a few things to try and get out of it I was talked into going through with it. My bf is just too firmly rooted in my social circles and my parents like him and everything and I don't want to deal with splitting apart drama, especially not when I like him despite his weird kink. I told him it was a one time thing only, and he said he'd never ask me to do it again as long as he could film me so he could fap to it later.

The whole thing was pretty extreme, I never imagined myself doing such a thing. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it (it was really gross and degrading), but somehow I O'd like really intensely near the end, it was just sorta forced out of me and its left me feeling really confused. I'm a little sore (he was really hung and rough), but he didn't "tie" or whatever because he was too big. I showered for like an hour after my bf dropped me back off at home just to get all his dog's seed and drool out and off of me, and then I just kinda collapsed on my bed til an hour ago.


—From rahsarah's second post on /adv/

really though the whole thing was kinda a panic/i was trying to get away when i felt it at first/and i just couldn't and i was soo pissed at my bf just standing there/and then i was crying and just kinda gave in/annnd then it felt amazing


—rahsarah describing being fucked by a dog

The Truth | Finale

After weeks of searching for the girl, and desperate attempts to find any leads, anon in the IRC channels began to review the evidence that was so far collected. Pieces of evidence in the archive didn't make sense. Information appeared out of nowhere. Nobody, even the anons who were building the archive, could explain how some images got in. For instance, there was an image of an AIM conversation between someone named "Mat" and Rahsarah91. However, after closer inspection, it becomes obvious that the image was taken from HER side of the conversation. Which would mean that she took a screenshot of the conversation, and stuck it in our archive herself. There was no other way.

The myspace that was found had no friends, and was created within 1-2 days of her posts on /adv/. It was not a real myspace. Additionally, after posting on 4chan with her tripcode, she added her tripcode to her myspace. Instead of simply deleting her myspace, it was up for many days where she added a location where there previously was none.

The OKcupid account that was found was obviously fake, as no anon in the IRC could account for the image, who found it, or how it got into the archive. The image of her okcupid account shows that she was "online" during the time the picture was taken. Many other small details in the image solidify the fact that the okcupid account was fake, and the screenshot of it was taken by her.

There were many other inconsistencies during the entire ordeal. If interested, an anon can try to find a copy of the archive. Which shouldn't be too difficult to find.

The fact behind everything is that this story is the result of a mega-troll. Who trolled the absolute shit out of /adv/ and /b/ and led us on for many weeks. And a good troll it was indeed.


The search for Sarah ended at about the 20th of July. The troll became obvious, and the IRC was disbanded. After about a month, a thread appeared on /b/ with OC images of Sarah. The anon posting them claimed to have nudes of her. A few non-nude pictures were posted, and then followed up by 2-3 topless photos of Sarah self-shot in a bathroom mirror.

The anon posting the images was questioned about how he obtained them, and if he was part of the group of anons in the IRC looking for her. He claimed that he wasn't. Furthermore, he claimed that he saw her cellphone number posted on /b/ during the initial days of this extravaganza, and he was able to use the cell phone number to track her down and obtain nudes. He also posted the cellphone number in the thread that he supposedly "tracked" and belongs to Sarah.

Of course, this makes absolutely no sense. No record of any such number appears in the hundreds of thread screen shots in the archive. Nobody every saw a cellphone number posted anywhere. When questioned how exactly he was able to obtain nude images of a woman simply by her phone number, the anon replied that he was "done" and left the thread. The anon writing this entry saved them, and then deleted them after a few weeks after deciding that this was all over.

Surprisingly, the thread did not have many replies. It seemed that everyone had moved on. The thread 404'd on it's own rather quickly, and to this anon's knowledge no screen shots or records of it were made of any sort. Occasionally threads are reopened. A bunch of anon's argue about what happened, and it disappears.

The most probable explanation is that some troll found a rather private and undistributed set of images of some girl, with nudes, and decided to troll the absolute shit out of 4chan with them. He did so, successfully, and after month or so passed and anon gave up looking for her after realizing it was a troll, he posted the nude images of the set on /b/ out of pity.

This is the absolute best explanation that exists on the internet of these events. Written by an anon who was there from the very start and to the end, and saw the nudes. Although there may be some minor errors in details, the fact that this was all an elaborate hoax done by a mega-troll is not debatable, and should considered as fact.

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