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Random-ness Wiki is a Wikia wiki full of Phineas and Ferb fantards, furfags and 13 year old boys.


Random-ness Wiki.jpg
  • HomestarSB9: An autistic faggot who got butthurt after being banned from Wikia due to "trolling". With this, he decided to get "revenge" on the other users. Fun fact: He even made this page and edits it every time someone calls him out on shit. Not much is know about him, as he barely knows proper communication, but it is common knowledge he has a fetish of the Homestar Runner series. He also tries to remove this description every time it's added.
  • Phantom R.: A boy who has a fetish for Cave Story and Disney. There's not much about him, but he has abused his powers as an admin. He wishes to be the next incarnation of Hitler, to kill all bronies.
  • UltimateMegaGeo: A wanker who has a fetish for The Simpsons. He's also a whiny crybaby who says Random-ness Wiki is his life and watches a half-assed show named "Impractical Jokers". Everyone secretly hates him as he's an autistic fuck who claims to be liked, but really isn't by the community. He even contributed here.
  • Faves3000: A masturbater with a fetish for Minecraft
  • AwesomeCartoonFan01: One of the very few users with a vagina, she is a Powerpuff Girls fan and Animaniacs fangirl. She also is a homophobe.
  • Bowser & Jr: A Nintendo fanboy who masturbates to Nintendo Porn as he has no life. He also likes Disney.
  • NintendoChamp89: The sex slave to Bowser & Jr. who justs never shuts the fuck up.
  • J. Severe: A dumbass who basically prostitues himself to Phantom R like the little whore he is. He is the token black guy of the site.
  • Redsox1099: Seriously, who gives a shit about this guy?
  • Gray Pea Shooter: Another Random-ness Wiki faggot who has shit grammar.
  • CaveJohnson: Another RNW Faggot who also has shit grammar.
  • Daisy56: The whore who made this shitfest. And the original user with a vagina.
  • NyanGirToastNinjaShadow: The other user with a vagina, she has a fetish for GIR and LOLcats.
  • Casey the ruler of fire: The other vaginal user, she is a Sonic fantard, she loves the hedgehog so much she want's to have sex with him. That's a female furry for you. Though as of recent, she is inactive and no longer considered an active member.


Yes, this is an actual screenshot.

People they have fetishes for

They seem to have these odd fetishes for Gabe Newell and Meap. The also had fetishes for the Animaniacs but that died out, though it was only one user.

Shit they call fun

Currently, they are making a bullshit RPG. They used to change their fucking names and press fucking buttons to go to new pages.

Them and Us


UMG. has blanked this page with a HomoshitSB9 account like the butthurt faggot he is, but luckily Gray banned him. UMG also said this on Livestream.

We just want RNW to be a laid-back place where people can express whatever's on their mines. No reason to insult that. No one takes ED seriously, you you're failing at trying to mess RNW up.


Now Phantom R. sent me a message on YouTube and DeviantART and shit is he fucking angry.

P.S.: Homestar's Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CNHubNicktoons Where you can watch all of his shitty Windows Movie Maker videos, along with the crap his so-called friends have made. it was once hacked due to Homestar blindly giving out the password.


Here, you can discuss random topics, create random topics, even be random yourself! So, here, pretty much, just be random! Hooray for fried chicken!


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