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Note: Apparently you must resort to using this PoS now that Megaupload has been V&.
Police.gif 500% Price Increase !
Arthur, after receiving a Rapidshit of D.W. porn.
A fair and balanced comparison of one-click hosters.
Typical woman being forced to be a slave to Rapidshit.

Rapidshare (or Rapidshit, as it's so affectionately called) is a site run by Nazi Enthusiasts, and is a tool commonly used by /b/tards to pass along giant amounts of CP. It also holds the title for the website with the most ironic name EVAR. After Moot introduced a 100 image limit in threads, the use of Rapidshit increased, due to Moot forgetting what 'imageboard' even means. The logic behind this is questionable, since Rapidshare also has a 200 MB limit for uploads, due to Germans being too poor to afford reliable server space.

Megaupload however has a slower time limit between uploads (and also allows uploads of up to 1GB per file), and you should thus use it at the same time to increase the amount that you can download.

Rapidshare is currently made of fail and AIDS, as it keeps on being totally ghey. Every file keeps getting deleted, and waiting times before downloading one of the very few files that haven't been deleted seem to increase every 10 minutes as well, so boycott it and use Mediafire, Megaupload, Megaporn, Filefactory, Sendspace, Badongo, and whatever other things you can find to maximise the amount of pr0n that you can download. Unlike Rapidshit, the sites mentioned above do not treat their non-premium users like worthless trash pieces of shit and fuck them over at any given opportunity, which is unfortunate, because those people are asking for it.

Animal abuse

Recently, Rapidshare decided to place tortured animals around their captcha letters, the users are presented with a number of letters and are required to pick the ones with the least number of tortured animals; this seems to have worked well against automatic download bots as well as normal human beings, who have to spend more time squinting at obscure animal pictures than they do fapping over whatever porn it is they've been linked to from 4chan. On a side note, Rapidshare also decided to introduce the 128 seconds waiting minute to their non-premium users.


A challenger appears

A typical CAPTCHA from Rapidshare.
Another CAPTCHA.

There exists a vastly superior but barely-known alternative to Rapidshit called Evilshare. Evilshare has no wait time, no upload/download limit (sans file size limitations), and many privacy and control options such as timed deletion, clearly surpasses Rapidshit and similar competitors still in use with it's simple design (think google) and options. You can get your fap fuel and lulz without haggling with all the douchebaggery. HAHA DISREGARD THAT! You need to pay a shitty fee for a membership to be able to do jack shit. Evilshare fixed its villainous ways and made shit free. You can download your kiddy pr0nz now gentlemen.

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