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Somebody should do something about it.

Rodents should run

On Sunday, December 9th 2007, Storm Sperling made a post on /b/ that read:

My flatmate moved and left his pet Jew here. How should i kill it? Rules: Can't harm me in anyway. I have a blender, a firecracker, and the usual household apps. Post ending in 38


—Rat-Chan, http://rapidshare.com/files/75422900/rat-chan.rar.html

What followed will be remembered fondly by anon for weeks to come.

OP delivered?

Contrary to the rules of /b/ OP was a girl (or very convincing trap) and OP delivered. The first response ending in 38 instructed her to "insert it in [her] anus, then put a firecrakcer up there". Then continuing to deliver pics of rat on fire, and delicious rat intestines.

Modfags are the cancer that is killing /b/

OP then posted claiming to have been banned, while this is not confirmed it is likely true.

You are banned ;_; You have been permanently banned from all boards for the following reason:

You sick motherfucker, I ought to report you to your ISP, in fact, I still may. Need to discuss it with the other mods first. either way: permamotherfucking banned for microwaving your rat. I hope you die fag. ps have fun getting your ass kicked david

Your ban was filed on December 9th, 2007. This ban will not expire. According to our server, your IP is: The name you were posting with was Anonymous. Please check back in 2 days when you may appeal your ban.


—modfaggot, No.47849973

David is most probably code for the well respected Anonymous, but OP is clearly a girl/MTF because of tits. Or more likely, David is the name registered with the IP address and the aforementioned flatmate was male, and perhaps at the time her recently-ex-boyfriend.

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