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An unfortumate victim of Ratherberucking's wrath
Voted the most awesomely hawt woman of RAC & Mistress of the PWN by her peers at the RAC Awards 2005. Dubbed the terror of eljay by waitresses of no importance.
Ratherberucking chasing away unwanted teammates with her terror-inducing wrath

Once upon a time, there was a fairly emo LJ user of little to no importance named Lj-favicon.png poloemily. Apart from repeatedly humiliating easy opponents like Lj-favicon.png scratchgirl and Lj-favicon.png smileyme, she was a nonentity. Then, one fateful day, she was exposed to large amounts of radiation and, rather than dying, she rose like a phoenix. She became Lj-favicon.png ratherberucking: the terror of lj.

Her conquests of liberal mens' hearts are far too numerous to list here and include the use of something which defeats them every time: Logic. Her conquests of the batshit insane are even more numerous. Her feud with PaigeGirl is legendary and mostly mythological.

Utilizing a powerful mind-control ray, she destroys her opponents' abilities to communicate effectively. With this she raids entire cancer wards, raping the mindless zombies that she has created. Unfortunately, Ratherberucking has been defeated by Mothra.

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