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Rau is a very loved member of the BYOND community. He enjoys raping the hell out of GMs, only to try and steal their jobs after. (He has succeeded quite a few times.) He is loved by many, and he gets much love. His gender is unknown, he seems to keep changing his mind. For the sake of this article, we will call it a "he". He likes to come on when the owner of the game is online, so he can suck up as much as he can. More or less likely to do his best to make sure no one steals his self-proclaimed title. Suck up to the MAX.

Byond Keys

What Rau wishes he looked like.

His recent BYOND keys are Deirun & Porygon 2(He says that's his friends, but he always seems to use it.) If you happen to see these keys on your Byond game, Be aware. He will do anything for GM.

We advise you stand clear of him, for your own dignity.


His current hobby is leaving forever. Only to come back the next day. Recent record, few hours. Surprising? I think not. He likes guys AND girls. Yes ladies, he is bisexual! (Or so he says). He currently has a girlfriend though, Maybe she doesn't know. I smell a scandal kids. Custom icons are his drugs. He'll kill for some. Just to look "special".

As if that wasn't enough, you can often find him in the Byond community, luring children in and encouraging them to go to furry porn sites. Because, of course, he's a fucking furry. If you were to wander into his house, (can you say "rape"?) and somehow find your way into his closet, don't be surprised if you find a few fursuits, cameras, and lube, for this is how furries get off.

He also like poking at his dick with heated implements such as red hot scissors, hot dog pokers, branding irons, and iron dildoes. I want to have sex with him.


Rau is an art teacher for an elementary school.

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