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Goatse visits Ravelry

Ravelry is a shitty social network used by knittingfags, sjws and fail worms. It uses Ruby on Rails, and that is one of the many reasons why it sucks.

What is the site for?

The site is for autists that want to share a photo of their new clothes and instead of posting it to Failbook, they do so to this site, so you can imagine the kind of people who visit it.

How to troll

1- Open a new account by using some temporal email trash account.

2- Edit your profile, use a shocking image for it.

3- Start a project on your profile and fill it with shock imagery, make it with lulzy tags such as feminism.

4- Go to the forums and start posting. Once you open the forums you will see 5 posts per section, this means that if you open 5 new threads one after another, any user who goes to that forum section will directly fall into one of your threads.

Your shock site avatar will piss off everyone and you´ll start getting "dislikes" and views extremely quickly. Baiting them is quite easy.

Common expressions in the site

Common Ravelry user
  • Eye Candy: they are the products which give orgasms to the knitters that sees them. Eye candy is for Knitters what Madison Ivy is for fappers.
  • Thursday Tip: a shitty tip that noone cares about.
  • Kniterella: word used to fancy a product. (example: this coat is a kniterella)


Ravelry is a site that allows linking of accounts with Failbook, Twitter, Instagram and some other social networks, so you can know what kind of hobbies the targets have. Just put the facebook name or twitters account in Ravelry search box and wait to get results.

Politics inside Ravelry

The website has many groups which require invitation to get into. One of them is called The Bunker. It is for unapologetic, sassy, conservatives to talk about knitting projects and current events. The group was originally to support John McCain in the election, but when Obama won and all got butthurt because "muh nigga". The rage was so big that it was found by the rest of groups on the site, which are all Liberal and SJW. The drama increased epicly until the SJW decided that it was better to ban the McCain supporters instead of arguing against them, since they dont know how to talk in a serious conversation.



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