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The alpha female hooker, in all her glory

If there was ever a baby between a nigger version of Mel Gibson and a Jewish version of Robert Wayne Stiles, Raven Williams would be the disgusting pile of shit that would be born unto this world. Raven Nicole Masterson AKA IsisStarr AKA Fiona AKA Raven Williams is an STD riddled, drunk, crazy whore who believes that any man that goes within 10 feet from her is raping her, and will stop at nothing to document these people's lives obsessively and post the videos on Youtube. She has been in cheap porn movies where she gets the shit beat out of her, and has starred in the shitty MTV show Rock of Love, where she was kicked out of the show in the first episode. She's best known for calling black people and Mexicans out on just existing, while sucking the dick of the white man. This is easily comparable to a female and whorish version of Uncle Tom.

Porn Star

Raven Williams on the small screen

While not following men around on the streets and screaming about the patriarchy, Raven Williams is known as the one bitch on that shitty internet porn video where she gets fucked in the ass and covered in semen and vomit. Since she loves the white man so much, she has no problem getting face fucked and used as a cocksleeve for thirty minutes, but you can imagine that if it was black men trying to gangbang her, the outcome would be dramatically different. In fact, this entire thing is full of irony as a black woman who's getting fucked by a bunch of white guys and loving that white man's dick goes completely against the typical nigger paranoia about the white man keeping him down.

The video can be found here if you want to pay for it or see some small clip, or you can try to find it for free if you're really that desperate for some shitty interracial nigger porn.

Rock of Love

For those uninitiated to MTV, Rock of Love is a shitty Flavor of Love ripoff, the only difference being that it's Bret Micheals instead of Flavor Flav choosing which whore to fuck while fucking them all at once during the entire series.

Raven Williams was on the show, and she spent her only episode demanding how she should be treated, and even puts Bret off on how snobby she was. She then poured her miserable life out about her abusive mother, and finally whined about shit no one cares about, until Bret had to comment on her ass to shut her up. She got herself eliminated at the end of the first episode, most likely because of her inability to shut up. Raven was given a second chance on Rock of Love: Charm School, in which she was once again eliminated on the first episode after insulting one of the girls and trying to claim she was better than everyone else, which is fucking stupid on a show where any contestant that doesn't like your sorry ass can vote to kick you out.

How It Finally Started

The spotlight on Raven was lit as a video was posted on the 888chan IRC. SpacePirate, one of the moderators and a weenfag trying to redeem himself for being a massive fucking failure, went straight to the video and called her out on her shit. Raven, being the calm, collected individual, proceeded to message him a rebuttal.

The Rebuttal

He didn't stop there, and he posted a second comment, this time including her dox and signing it with love from 888chan. This got Raven's attention and she proceeded to flip her shit, sending hate mail and threatening everything from the Zeta Cartel to getting 888chan taken down. This is the equivalent of smacking a hornet's nest, as the entirety of 888chan's /cow/ board have been trying to find a supplement for their lolcow addiction when Robbie Rotten isn't on the IRC chimping out.

It all went downhill from here

Her Youtube Legacy

Being a strong and confident womyn, Raven spends her daily life yelling at black men for looking at her, even if it's a casual glance, or even walking near her. When she's not getting beaten the shit out of in her shitty pornos, she takes her trusty $20 camera and proceeds to follow men down the street and yell at passerby because she's clearly getting so much attention from all the men.

Raven sucks dildo.jpg

When she's not using her Youtube channels to post videos of herself stalking black men, she uses them to show off her muscles and to advertise her services by sucking a dildo on camera and posting her number at the end of the video. Ironically, while she was desperate enough to use her Youtube channel as an attempt to get more johns, she was unusually overly selective on who she was willing to service, which didn't include:

  • Black men
  • Dykes
  • LA firefighters
  • Men in the military
  • People from Orange County
  • People with a 213 area code phone number

Youtube, being the family-friendly site that they are, banned the channel that featured the video. Given the SFW nature of the other videos on her channel, it is quite obvious that she was banned for the dildo video.

External Links

Her numerous Youtube accounts

More sources of her failure

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