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You can't fuck em if they're dead.


—Rich Evans

Yes you can.


—Mike Stoklasa

RedLetterMedia is a Jewish company that is dedicated to stealing work of other people and publishing it as their own, It was made back in 2004 and unfortunately it is still somehow on YouTube. They became popular when Mike Stoklasa made a 30 minutes long review of Star Trek Generations in 2008 despite that shit was made back in 1994. In it he plays a character called Mr. Plinkett, which is based upon a character Mike played in a short film, because he is too dumb to make up new characters. They also have a tendency to have all the 'humour' be meta, because that makes them very smart and funny like Monty Python, right?

The Crew

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  • Mike Stoklasa - Hes the leader of the bunch. You know him well. Hes finally back, to release a Plinkett review. His dead pan humour, can hire in spurts, if he makes you laugh, it's gonna hurt. He's bigger, fatter, and stronger too. He's the first member of the RLM crew.
  • Rich Evans - This guy's got style, so listen up dudes, he can laugh on command, to suit the mood. Hes quick and nimble when he needs to be, he can stream a video game, or watch people climb up trees, if you choose him, youll not choose wrong, with a groan and a oh my gawd, he's one tough RLM
  • Jack - He has no style. He has no grace. This RLM has a funny face. He can over extended histay laugh, when he needs too or stretch his legs after a stream, just for you. Inflate his gut, just like a balloon. This crazy RLM just digs this tune.
  • Jay Bauman - Back again, and about time too and this time. He's in the mood. He can commentate really good with a movie on, with his beer out, he's after you. He'll make you smile when he appears on Previously Recorded, and shit posters beware CUZ he's after you.
  • Beard fat - Finally. He's here for you. It's the last member of the RLM crew. This guy is so unfunny, it isn't funny, he'll make the shitposters cry out for mommy, ruin a video with relative ease, make enjoying RLM seem not such a breeze, he may move slow, he can't quip high, but this RLM, is one hell of a guy.


Mr. Plinkett Reviews

If you like hour long reviews made by a wheelchair-bound murderer and rapist this might be something for you. If you also happen to be a easily manipulated balding millenial fuckwad and care about movies that came out when VHS were still a thing, yet you still don't have the necessary perception and / or intelligence to form your own thoughts about anything, these videos are definitely your cup of tea.

What the common Mr. Plinkett review consists of

Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens Review

In 2016, after years of waiting, Mike released his newest iteration of the Plinkett reviews. Hopes were high, as the absolutely unfunny, unwanted and unnecessary review of Titanic impressed absolutely no one. The thing with the new Plinkett is that it's not about the recent Star Wars movie, it's about Mike. You see, he's obviously having some sort of middle life crisis and made this video for an ego boost: "I invented the Star Wars reviews posted on YouTube!" "TFA is a decent film because of MY contributions!". "Millenials BTFO!" You will start to realize some lines in the video like "I AM the internet" may not have as many layers of irony as you thought.

It's the reason why a fat, balding man was the only one to point out the supposed lack of sex in the film, as he lacks sex himself (ED or Jesse simply doesn't want him physically anymore) and projected his crisis into the movie. Other YouTube reviewers didn't notice this, because they can easily cum with their gfs or porn.

He is feeling old, and can't properly critize TFA, because it makes him feel the same way he felt as he watched "A New Hope" for the very first time. He'll leave the movie alone, but make fun of younger fans who are just having fun (like the guys in the convention), presenting them as obsessed fanboys, while the Ring Theory segment ironically exposes him as an obsessed nerd who has probably seen every Star Wars film 50 times or more.

He became George Lucas. He became Plinkett.

Half In The Bag

Jay is a top tier film critc

Mike and his buddy Jay (Susan) are working as VHS repairmen, get it? It is funny because nobody uses VHS anymore. Here the hacks are talking shit about new movies, all while having unfunny skits featuring the Mr. Plinkett character, played by unfunny faggot Rich Evans, who does not even sound like the original Mr. Plinkett. Great acting.

When future generations sift through the smoldering rubble of postmodern America, they would do well to locate a hard drive with RedLetterMedia content on it. They could study Mike and Jay and, with that thin slice of information, fully understand what it is that killed western civilization.

Those two are bitter, cynical nihilists. They have devoted their lives, the prime years of productivity, to pithily lampooning cultural ephemera and implying "we could do better than these idiot filmmakers, but we're too cool to actually try."

They are every strain of societal AIDS melded together into a super AIDS of cultural death...

Well into middle age, they're still obsessively analyzing adventure stories for children. They're childless, unmarried, stubbornly avoiding an actual profession, opting instead to beg for Patreon donations. They are subsisting on the patronage of even more embittered, more lonely, more cynical losers who need virtual friends to swim in their vast Petri dish of misery with them.

Look in their fucking eyes, man. It's a joyless, pointless existence they're living.

They are so afraid of sincerity or honest artistic effort that they'll leave behind hours of footage of them chuckling about Tommy Wiseau. They are artistic cowards and abject failures in every respect.

Each time you catch a glimpse of them, you're reminded that we peaked as a civilization a long time ago. We're done creating. We're done feeling real emotions. All we can do now is analyze, criticize, and ironically pick through the dessicated corpse of our once great nation.

Encyclopedia Dramatica hopes on the day that footage is uncovered by future archaeologists, they resolve to never repeat the mistakes we made.

Best of the Worst / Wheel of the Worst / Plinketto

In yet another unfunny segment, the gang, featuring a bald fuck, a fat fuck, some random people with booze will watch some "randomly"-chosen shit-tier B-movies. They then decide to prolong it to unwatchable lengths of atleast an hour, and decide which movie is the best of the ones watched. Most of the time they don't even watch it or rather show enough reaction footage, so their opinion is completely invalid.



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