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this user is a huge fat ginger faggot!
Tune in and prosper! RMD at a Star Trek convention.

RedMachineD is a faggot of gigantic proportions, who due to excessive faggotry got banned from helldive irc. Has been using the internets for 13 years leaving the house only to play DDR and then fail at gravity. His favorite past time is failing at the internet. Possessing an ego the size of a hot-air balloon, he will constantly rewrite this article in a pathetic effort to save face not anymore he hasn't. He suffers from a severe case of Aspergers syndrome this can be readily seen as one looks at his internet presence, which is basically just him lurking on 4chan and checking his MySpace for non-existent comments, and then reciting only the shittiest of memes over and over again in ED IRC until he gets made fun of for being so fat and ginger. RMD will then proceed to flee and cry while eating Ben & Jerrys and masturbating to gay hentai. Weatherman is a fan of his work, if that explains anything.

What We Know

The force is with you RMD.

RedMachineD tries to come off as anything but American even though he lives in the sun-fucked state of Arizona (namely North Phoenix) and has lived in America his entire life. Passes the blame by saying he voted for himself instead of W in the 2004 election, and was too busy to vote in 2000. Raised by liberal Californian parents to think for himself, which considering how he turned out could be grounds for child abuse charges. Weighs in at almost 320 pounds, but only looks like he weighs 450 pounds thanks to the magic of photoshop.

Sex Life

Hasn't gotten laid ever, which considering he used to work at a nightclub is fucking pathetic. He constantly masturbates to furry pedo porn and promptly loses his boner when anything challenges his obscenely over-inflated ego.Although by some miracle he does in fact have a kid,Which he fails to support at his very illustrious job at his local fast food joint.

Dirty Fat Fuck

If RMD had killed everyone at lulzcon this is the picture they'd show on the news.

Hasn't showered since 2000, as he hasn't been able to fit into a shower or tub since that time, this was also the last time he saw his penis, which has been in hiding, not that there was much to see when it wasn't. Assuming he could ever slim down enough to fit into a tub or shower, its not likely he would muster the effort to clean himself, as he is not only fat, but lazy.

On Encyclopedia Dramatica

While always an individual who was mocked behind his back, RedMachineD was at least pitied by the denizens of ED IRC who felt sorry for his autistic and antisocial ways. Sadly several EDiots were unaware of the fact that RMD had Assburgers and wouldn't be able to handle their constant and merciless spree of vandalism to his userpage. What insensitive fucks!!! As an autistic he was more sensitive/offendable, and boy was he ever. Death threats were made, September 28th was to be the day that Blargh and Burk would die. [1] [2].

september 28 it's only a matter of time



Although the idea of a fat ginger internet tough guy bringing an assault rifle to Lulzcon and pulling a Columbine is laughable, this was still such bullshit that Ajt g-lined him from IRC and Tfo banned him with the words "Some individuals exhibit such rare awesome fucking STUPIDITY, that they get fucking BANNED and UNINVITED FROM EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. If you know this person, stay the fuck away." An arbchat was scheduled a few weeks later but the fat ass never showed, preventing a Duke Otterland-style IRC lulzfest.

How not to DDR

Our very own RMD dukes it out with his archnemesis, a DDR arcade machine. You can guess who wins. This was played on national TV in Australia, completing his humiliation.

Gallery of Pics

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